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What we did afternoon.

Today in the afternoon we had the MacBooks and we had to make a Olympic poster about a sport what is in the Olympics. We chose the sport triathlon. All the class made posters we had to do facts about the sport, what is the sport, and what day does the sport start. We went on a website to find facts and pictures there was brilliant pictures of the swimming people diving, we all had fun doing are posters.

Triathlon Mia & Eve

By Olivia and Mia.

The lighthouse By Olivia.

Once upon a time their was a lighthouse, the lighthouse looked gloomy and dark, the light house stood on a cliff as still as a statue. Jolly, delighted, cheerful, the people in the pups were cheering each time the light went round. There lived a grumpy, old man in the lighthouse, he was trying to right a letter but he couldn’t because the people in the pups were making to much noise. Gloomy, dark,spooky, the lighthouse stood still as the sea crashed  against the cliff. Then the man had anoth, so he slammed the window as hard as he could.

Suddenly the old man heard this BANG! The window flow open and the mans candle went out so he got of his chair and he tripped of some talls. He lit his lantin so he could see better, then he went  to see what has happened. He went rushing up the stairs as fast as a cheater. He got to the top of the stairs and he looked what was rong and he looked very closely at the machine and he noticed that the bulb has gone out. He went into the other room what had the bulb in. Panking the grumpy man looked out of the window and there was a ship heading towards the lighthouse.

The old man picked up the light bulb and he stepped backwards and he tripped over some other talls and he broked the light bulb, he noticed that the ship was coming closer.He went rushing back down the stairs. He opened the front door of the lighthouse… delighted, estated, pleased, the town had helped the ship survive by living their lantins and they stud on the lighthouse. The ship went heading  of somewhere els. The lighthouse lived happily ever after.


By Olivia.

Queen visits the Olympics

We made a animation about when the Queen visits the Olympics. We made the animation about 2 weeks ago on Monday. First we made the people out of plastercine and the other people they were made of lego. We used i can animate and when we took pictures we had to move the models slightly so it looks like they are actually walking.We used  music and voices and some effects. We all enjoyed doing the voices  also making the models and taking the pictures.

Review of Wooords app

Today, after are spelling test we were the first ones to finish so we could go on the iPad, we went on to Wooords, (a spelling app) and you had to make lots of Words with 6 letters. There was a main letter where you had to make words with that letter in. It helped us a lot because it showed us the words for us to remember, we think that lots of people should use the app to help them with their spellings. The letters looked like the magnetic letters what goes on your fridge, we thought this was extremely fun.
By Jess and Olivia

Rowing Redgrave

Olivia and Jess have produced this wonderful biography of the one and only 5 times Olympic Gold medal winner – Sir Steve Redgrave.
We’d love to know what you think about it.

Egyptian book 3