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Egyptian cat

I made a Bastet cat on Saturday while I was waiting for the snow to come.

I made the body of card, shaped into tubes, and his head out of a ball of newspaper.

Then I covered it in newspaper and glue, then painted it when it was dry.

By Niall

My Ancient Egypt stuff

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When my Nanny and Grandad went to Egypt they brought me some things that they had brought with their money and   something  from the shop.They posted it me from Egypt.I called my Nanny and Grandad on the phone to say thank you for what they got me.On the money you can see there is a sphinx on it and not a queen or king that is because nobody rules Egypt!The scroll is made out of papyrus the proper paper!

By Isabel.

Egyptian Presentation

Jorge in Y4 made this very informative presentation, with a quiz at the end!

Egyptian excavation

Base 3 have been carrying on with our archaeolgical dig! Excavating carefully, we have managed to uncover some more of the artefact…

What do you think it might be?

The temple of doom

I made this at home it is out of lego it took 20 minutes to make and it has two scealtons with it  and 2 slaves and a pharho and two adventurerers.

William’s pyramid

I made this with my Dad and its made out of carboard and paper.

Horus statue

Well a comple of weeks ago on Thursday mornning I found a Egyptian god called Horus and he was the god of the sky.

by Mia

Egyptian gods

This afternoon Mr Brown’s class have been researching Egyptian Gods. Olivia drew a wonderful picture of Amun. Comment below to tell us which God you found out about and an interesting fact.

Base 3 archaeological dig

On Friday, Mr Brown’s class began to excavate this block to see what Egyptian treasure was inside! After everybody had scratched away some of the surface, we began to see something. What do you think it could be…..


I made a sacouphigous called Tutankhamun but some people lived about 6298 years ago.  Tutankhamuns time ,had people who were poor,rich, and very rich.