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My Arctic animal posters

Quite a  long time ago I brought in some posters of animals from the Artic there was a polar bear, a eagle, a mouse,a artic fox.I collected them from the daily mail. If you turned them over it makes a big picture of a polar bears.It was really fun collecting the  my nan got me the first one which was a polar bear.

By Lucy

Base three globe

We were making globes from balloons and paper. We stuck the paper onto the balloon and painted it and then it was done. We coloured in a map and then stuck it on. Isabel.



Finally we went off in our groups of five to purchase the ingredients we needed to make our pizzas. Every group had five pounds and when we came to pay not one group had gone over their budget. Ace budgeting guys and super use of the calculators that you took with you.
















Pizza making

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First we made the dough but it took a long time.Then we had a tray and we had sepratted it so it was big everyone had a piece but Mrs Wisers class had a small little pizza after we sepratted it we put 3 toppings on the pizza. My group had bacon, pinnaple, sweetcorn it was lovely. Mrs Matthews cooked the pizza and cut it up yum yum!!! and voila – you have your pizza.

Shopping trip

All 3 classes are visiting Waitrose this week to go shopping for their pizza ingredients. We are trying to keep to a budget and buy local produce to reduce our carbon footprints!

What is your favourite pizza topping?

We are making pizzas this week and would love to know what you like on top of the base, tomato and cheese!

My Global Warming Planet

This is my global warming planet with electricity stations, nuclear power plants, cars and planes. It took me two days to do this the first for the cutting and drawing the land the second for colouring in the sea and land and the Polar Bears facts with the antarctic and arctic weren’t coloured in by pen they were actually coloured in by tipex and then on the south pole it has a penguin with his house for sale and on the north pole a polar bear with a sack with his stuff in on a stick one thing is that Greenland is a bit too big.

By Nathan


Polar Bear Naming Competition.

I am doing this competition so that the first person to geuss the name will have the polar bear for a week and they write down what they did with the polar bear in the journal.I got this from the wwf go wild team for adopting a polar are the names below they go up to the letter l you can choose anyone of the and vote for a comment!

    1. Snowy
    2. Icy
    3. Chilly
    4. Snowdrift
    5. Arctic
    6. Iceberg
    7. .P.B By Alfie
    8. hudson
    9. Tintin
    10. Jacob
    11. Alfie
    12. White


More creative writing




Creative writing day

This morning we have started reading the tin forest and have begun our creative writing day!