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Tall hat challenge!

We were given two maths lessons to produce the tallest hat. The winner was Nathan. The hats had to have a brim and you had to be able to walk around the room without your hat falling off. It was great fun! There were some interesting designs. Second was Amy and Alfie and Baylee and her group were third. We did an animoto Bout the competition.




Finding Olympic venues

This morning Mr Brown’s Maths group have been using grid references to find Olympic venues and London landmarks on a map. Great fun!


Maths projects

This week my maths class have presented our maths projects. They ranged from redesigning an Olympic city to making Olympic t shirts. We have decided to do a mini enterprise project next week using the ideas presented by the pizza parlour group. We will be making and selling pizza to the rest of the school sometime next week. Yum I can’t wait.



My Own Olympics Project!

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My class are super excited about their very own Olympics projects. Some of the class have decided to redesign the stadiums, some have devised maths booklets based on the Olympic sports and some budding entrepreneurs have decided to make Olympic themed smoothies to sell to athletes and spectators! Watch this space for the outcome of our projects!

Measuring our wingspan

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Mr Brown’s Maths group have been drawing carefully around their bodies to measure their ‘wingspan’ and heights. Michael Phelps has an unusually long wingspan, which people think helps make him swim faster!

Measuring Metres

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Mr Brown’s maths group have been practising their measuring skills. We used the metre sticks to measure objects all around the school, we had to estimate first though!

How many MMs make one centimetre?
How many CMs make 1 metre?
How many Ms make 1 kilometre?

There are some online measuring activities here.

Fraction bingo, getting harder as we are playing with equivalent fractions.

Today we have learned about equivalent fractions using a fraction board. We played fraction bingo using the fraction board.





Faster than Bolt?

Today I challenged my maths group to find out if they were faster than Usain Bolt! We took timers and set a distance of 25 metres (our school field isn’t any bigger!) then we worked in groups and timed how fast we ran. It produced some interesting results. Do you think anyone was faster than Bolt? Do you think you could be faster than Bolt? We wanted to show you the results…how do you think we should share them with the school?



Cool complements

A few days ago we made the learing wall.It was very fun .(The reason why there is shapes on the wall is because we are doing fractions next).We called the title cool complements because it was a cool title that we thought of.Both of us really enjoyed making the learing wall it was very fun to do we hope everybody will enjoy making the learning wall in the future. The class really liked doing complements.

Long leg challenge.

In maths we are collecting organising and interpreting data. We are exploring if the people with the longest legs jump the furthest. What do you think we found?