Books and Authors

We LOVE reading and to celebrate World Book Day, here are some websites from our favourite authors.

ESafety – REMEMBER to check with the person who owns the computer before you download anything from one of these websites. Always check with an adult before  adding your email address to a website. Adults – we do our best to check these websites for content, but remember they are external links and we cannot be held responsible for their content.

Some downloads and online games.


Activities and information about Dr Seuss.


 Wimpy kid club, you can wimp yourself here!

Official Roald Dahl website – try the Treats section for online activities.



Dork Diaries – you can make your own Dork and comic on this website.



The Mr Gum website has some fun activities on it. I love the soundboard.



Luke Temple’s website for the ‘Thistlewick’ series of books.



I will add some more very soon!

One response to “Books and Authors

  1. Today an auther came in his name was Luke Temple, he’s wrote two books already the secret the theatre and stormy cliff and tommorow he’s coming back in to sighn posters and books at the start Mrs Flanders said that he couldn’t make it and then he burst out of the store room dressed as a pirate In the first half he taked about the stormy cliff book in the second half he talked about the secret theatre

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