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Quadblogging – round 2

This week we are back to Canada and Mrs Dechaine’s class in Bon Accord. They are very interested in rugby and our star of the week assembly! They have some great pictures of their baby mantis’. Mrs Dechaine also replied to our question about the weather:

“We have very cold winters. The temperature is sometimes -40 celcius in the winter. But we are in Spring right now so we have milder temperatures around 10 celcius.Our temperatures in the summer are around 20-30 celcius.”

Click on the links to visit their blog and leave them some comments, remember to say where you are from!

Welcome Quadbloggers

This week it is our turn to be the focus school for quadblogging! Welcome to fellow bloggers from Norfolk, Canada and New Zealand, we hope you enjoy reading about us and our school.

You can use the Tag Cloud on the left or drop down menu on the right to look at older posts. If you pick Our Classes, you will see pictures of all 3 Year 3/4 classes. Please leave us some comments and we will try to reply!

Moorfield school on a sunny morning.

This is our school, it is in Newport, Shropshire. We have 280 pupils and 9 teachers. Year 3/4 has 92 pupils! We are very excited about the Olympics at the moment, some of Y3/4 went to see Gymnast Beth Tweddle training last week and on 30th May the Olympic torch is going right past our school!

You can find out a few facts about the town here or even take a virtual tour of Shropshire here and see all of the fun things to do, if you ever visit here.

Our trophy cabinet

We are very proud of our trophy cabinet! We have been doing well in sports competitions over the last few years. We have won Tag Rugby, indoor and outdoor cricket and lots of others!

This is one of the first things you see when you go in our school.

4H video tour of Woodlands Primary School

Mr Handley’s class have made this fab video to show what their school is like!You can visit their blog here and let them know what you think about it!

Quadblogging – Week 3

This week we are blogging with a Year 3/4 class in Halswell School in New Zealand! Click here to visit their blog.

New Zealand is nearly 12,000 miles away! There is a BIG time difference between the UK and New Zealand. Halswell is near Christchurch and on the South Island of New Zealand. I used to live in Auckland, which is in the North Island.

Quadblogging – week 2

We are Quadblogging again with Woodlands Primary school in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It is just over 200 miles away from Moorfield! If you look at the map closely, you will see that it is very near the sea! We are blogging with Mr Handley’s Year 4 class. Like our Year 4, they have also been to Kingswood! You can read all about it and see their photos on their blog, click here to visit it!  You could also comment on their Music and Art of the Week.

Also remember to keep checking Mrs Dechaine’s blog – they are still adding new posts. You can also see if they have replied to your comments! Remember to follow our blogging rules, but say that you are from Moorfield!

Quadblogging – Bon Accord, Canada

Our first focus school is Bon Accord school in Alberta, Canada. Their motto is Everyone a learner; Everyone a leader. Bon Accord is north of Edmonton.

Mrs Dechaine’s class have a great blog, so lets leave them lots of comments! If there is just a picture, you will need to click on the title to leave a comment. Make sure you follow our blog rules, and say that you are from Moorfield in your comment. I’m sure you have lots of questions, as we have been learning about the weather in Hudson Bay!

These pictures show you where Bon Accord is and how far it is from Moorfield!

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This week we are Quadblogging again with Mrs Adair’s class from Washington USA. They left us some fantastic comments and were very excited to get some from us! They wanted to know about the Queen, so you could post them some facts about the queen, or tell them about Buckingham Palace or Tower of London, if you have been lucky enough to visit! They would also like to know which Dr Seuss book is your favourite.

Remember to leave your first name and the name of our school.


This week we are Quadblogging with a school in Australia! It is called Cooinda Primary School. ‘Cooinda’ means a happy meeting place! The school is in Bunbury, Western Australia. If you leave them a comment, remember to say where you are from!

We are blogging with Mr Scott’s class. I’m sure my class has lots of questions for them! Remember to tell them where you are writing from.


After we had lots of fantastic comments last week, this week we are Quadblogging with Broadway East First School  in Gosforth, near Newcastle upon Tyne. We are blogging with Mrs McMeekan’s class and they are learning about Ancient Egypt! Maybe we can leave them some fascinating Egyptian facts as comments!

Remember you can still visit Mrs Adair’s blog and remember to check your posts, to see if someone has left you a comment!


This week we are Quadblogging for the first time with our new Quad. This week we are blogging with Mrs Adair’s Second and Third Grade class from Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School. Their school is in Kirkland, Washington.

This is where Kirkland is in the USA

Remember our blogging guidelines and visit them to leave a comment!
Can anyone tell me who Alexander Graham Bell was?