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Christingle Service

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Here are some of the children from year 3/4 with their Christingles that they made with Mrs Shelley. Reverend Lee came into school today and took a Christingle Service for the whole school.


Mr Brown’s class have been learning more about telling the time this week, so we have started wearing our watches to school! Here are three top pupils who remembered their watches and got to model them.

If you want to practise telling the time, you can have a go at STOP THE CLOCK! by clicking on the link to the left.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday two teams of Year 3/4 children played in a Tag rugby competition at Telford Rugby club. One team played against Grange Park, St George’s and Dawley C of E. They lost 4 – 3 to Grange Park but won the other 2 games. The other team played against Coalbrookdale, John Randall and Short Wood. Although they lost their first game, they drew one and won the other! We had a great time and everybody worked really well together.

Thanks to all the parents who helped and supported! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Pilgrim and the PTA for our new rugby tops!


Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated to or attended the Harvest Festival today. Year 3/4 had their service this morning. A huge well done to all the readers; you can watch a recording of one of the poems Mr Brown’s class read below!

my book.

My book is about a pharaoh and Egypt I loc it because it shows haw to make a mommy and other stuf  lock haw to make pyramid’s.

Egyptian book 3

Megan’s cricket trophy

I  have  won a certificate and a trophy  for bieng a good cricketer . The chairman said I am a special, good young talented,polite girl! I have played for the under 11 Shropshire county cricket club, under 13 cricket club and I have played some cricket matches for St  Georges. My main cricket club is Lilleshall!

By Megan

Sun and Shade

The sun is bright yellow; it travels aroud the world giving warmth and light.

The sun comes up in the morning and goes down ta night.

When the sun comes up it’s time to play,but when the sun goes down it’s sunset.


An objeckt the sun to make the shade; it is dark and gloomy in the shade.

The shade is cold but the sun is hot! the clouds aiso make shade too.

Shade is part of  a picture which is darker, lighter colours have darker shade too.

By Megan