Fun Stuff

Click on the pictures to have a go at some fun online activities!

Remember we still subscribe to Purple Mash. You can access it by logging on to the Learning Platform and going to Pupil Resources.

Parents/Carers – We do our best to ensure the quality and suitability of ALL links on this blog, but please remember they are external websites and we cannot be held responsible for their content.

Create your own Marvel Super Hero comic here! Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine and loads more!

Storynory is a fantastic website with lots of free audiobooks.

You can listen online or download them.

Purpose Games is a great website with lots of free quizzes.

Click on the image, to make yourself a wimp!

17 responses to “Fun Stuff

  1. What to chose!

  2. what shall i choose Mr Brown? 🙂

  3. mr brown what should I choose?

  4. I dont no what to choose mr Brown

  5. I like the Dr Who trailer maker! Or you could make a super hero on the hero factory and write a story about them!

  6. cool games:)

  7. One after the other!

  8. I have been on most of the games thay are cool;)

  9. There is too many games!

  10. I like wimp mysalfe it is cool!!!

  11. I love these games so much and so do my friends!

  12. I like the herofactory

  13. i love fun stuff its great!!!

  14. Mr brown i don t no what to choose

  15. so much great stuff

  16. urm… hmm? which one shall i choose? there are so many games to play! 🙂

  17. There is lots of cool games to play i do not know what to play.

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