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Disney stuff

In the Ester holiday me and my family went to Disney florida and at sea world I got a cup.On the cup it has some polar bears and some dolphins and walruses on it.At sea world I saw a real polar bear sleeping with the baby.On one of the days we swam with some dolphins the dolphins were really soft .On the first day we went to downtown Disney and I got a mini mouse snow glob.

By Millie


My sealife medal

I went to see my auntie in Bath on the 6 week holidays. We went down Weymouth  and there was a sealife center. I had to spot if the animals were a boy or a girl from the colour of their feathears. I completed it so I  got ten out of ten/ and I got a medal.


My holiday

Mickey mouse was invented by Walt Disney in 1928 and was made into a telvison on the same year. First it was in black and white but soon it was in colour and it was and it become more popular.

I got this postcard for mr brown when I went to Disneyland.

by Eve