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Mr Brown’s Mathletes!

These children worked on Mathletics at home and completed all of their assigned tasks and more (a lot more in some cases!) in order to get their certificates. Well done Brent, Billy, Niamh, Katie and Prian! The overall Mathlete of the Week was Niall with a whopping 3700 points!

Welcome Quadbloggers!

It is our turn again this week to be the focus school for Quadblogging so welcome to our friends from USA (Happy Thanksgiving!) and Cornwall. Have a look at what we have been up to lately and don’t forget to check out our brand new individual blogs here.

My Wolves Kit

I play for Wolves because I got spoted at nova united. I used to play for Liverpool but it was too far to travel I have scored a lot of goals against other teams as well. I scorded on one of the picture and that was the picture that I’m putting on the blog.

by Jack

Very neat work

Mr Brown’s maths class have been concentrating on showing their working out and presenting their work. Just look at this FANTASTIC work!

Mr Brown was so impressed that Becky went straight to Mrs Plant to show her AND got to have a go on the iPad as a treat!

Mysterious Play Doh Creatures

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Mrs Wiser’s class had great fun today, making these mysterious creatures from an imaginary land out of Play Doh.

Skipping festival

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A squad of Moorfield pupils participated in a skipping festival at Madeley Sports Centre this week. The team were taught several new tricks, which they performed at the end of the event. The breath-taking tricks were also shown and celebrated in Friday’s assembly.


Mr Brown’s class have been learning more about telling the time this week, so we have started wearing our watches to school! Here are three top pupils who remembered their watches and got to model them.

If you want to practise telling the time, you can have a go at STOP THE CLOCK! by clicking on the link to the left.

Me holding real medls in a photo!!!

When I went  to michals house and we  found some medls and we tuck them to michals mom and we got a photo. By Lauren.


HarryPotter Wonds!!!

Over the half term me and my family went on a walk and I fond a bunch of stick’s and tuck 3 home and I  carved them in to wond’s. By Ben


This week it is the turn of Tregadillet school in Cornwall again. Please take time to visit their blog. If you want to leave them a comment, remember to leave your FIRST name and the name of the school. Remember to read the Blogging Guidelines.