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The Lighthouse

Alfie and Will made this brilliant video of their version of ‘The Lighthouse’ animation in our Literacy lessons.

The lighthouse

A thin, towering lighthouse ,stood on top of a cliff, with a town underneath. One cold,dark night some people from the town were having a party and they all cheered when the bright,shiny light on the lighthouse came round. In the lighthouse lived a boring, old, grumpy and most miserable man who sat at a table all day writing letters to people in the town to be quiet.

But all of a sudden…. he heard a noise! So the old man ran up the twisted, spiral stairs and looked at the dusty light bulb to see what was wrong but suddenly…. he saw a ship heading towards the big waves crashing against the sharp, spikey rocks.

So he picked up the light and tripped over his tool kit. The light bulb smashed, there was little tiny pieces of glass all over the floor. Then something caught the old grumpy mans big, twinkley eyes. He ran downstairs to open the door….

…. All of the noisy but, nice pople from the town came with landterns to help and they all stood around the outside of the light house to help gide the ship away from the sharp, pionty rocks. The old man was as happy, pleased and glad as can be.

By Amber.

The Lighthouse by Alfie

One night the lighthouse shone,towering on top of the cliff,the lighthouse sucked all dark from the sky.As the bar people cheered,the lighthouse went out.Back inside the lghthouse there was a old wrinklied,old man wearing a grey jacket,black trousers and formal shoes.He was writing a letter to the queen.Then he heard a CLANG,grabed his lantern and ran up the stairs.Startled,alarmed,terified he ran up the stairs.

When he made it to the top he saw the light had gone out.As he looked in it,he heard a ship heading for the rocks.He picked up the bulb,triped over his tools and the bulb smashed.He looked over his shoulder and saw lanterns…

The lovly,kind people came and helped the old man.The man ran down the stairs and opened his door.He let the people up in his lighthouse.The lanterns guided the ship away and they all cheared.

The end by Alfie

The lighthouse by Alfie

One day there was a rocky Light House, and there was a pub, inside the pub were some men and every time the light came past in their direction they cheered.The bright, glowing light was as bright as bright as the steaming, scorching sun.In the Light House the Light House keepers window was open and he heard the men every time, so he slammed the window shut!

The light went out for no random reason, the light of the Light House had gone off.The window flung open and a candle blew out.”Ugh”The light house keeper was shocked he got up out of his chair got his oil lamp and went upstairs.

Meanwhile at the pub the men were confused.”Wheres the light?”Shouted one “Why is the light gone black.”Shouted another “I want the light back.”Shouted the youngest one of them all, they were all confused!!

Back at the Light House the man had noticed the screw broke he looked in the hole and then he heard a horn sound “That ships gonna crash.” The keeper picked up the glass bulb he tripped up on his toolbox and broke the glass.The old man was so sad he could burst.

He ran down his spiral stairs and opened the door “Aah” All the men from the pub had brought lanterns. The next thing you know he was on top of the light house with about 1 thousand lanterns”Phew, that boat was about to crash into the rocks”


The lighthouse By Jerusha

There was once a lighthouse which was shining the way for the ships, the light moved slowly at the ships as the lighthouse stood on a mountain cliff.

Inside the dull, grey lighthouse there was an old, wrinkly man who was concentrating on his homework with a candle to help him look properly. He jumped as he heard a strange noise and went to investigate what happened but he carried on. Suddenly, the window flew open and the candle blew out.

The old man was scared, frightened, worried, the old man was so worried that he thought he heard a ship coming closer & closer.

The old man rushed up the spiral stairs, up, up he went to see the clogs that made the noise. Afterwards, the old man didn’t fix the clogs but he knew what to do. The man picked up the light bulb, before he picked it up the old man put his tool box and tripped over it.

The man began to feel worried when he heard the sound of a ship coming closer to the ship coming closer to the cliff.

The old man rushed down the spiral stairs again and opened the doors. He could not believe his eyes, all the villagers had brought their oil lamp to use at the lighthouse and the ship was safe & sound.



The light house by Isobel

Once upon a time there was a light house on a cliff  by a town. The light house keeper was a old grumpy man. he wore a navy blue jacket and hat with a white shirt.

One day some people were cheering as the bright, shining light flew over the dark, gloomy town. The light house keeper shut the window so he didn’t have to listen to to the people cheering.  When suddenly there was a loud noise and the light house light went out! Every body was confused the light house keeper went to see what was going on.

He walked up hundreds and hundreds of spiral stairs to see what was going on.He shone his lantern at the cogs to see if any thing was wrong with them.They had stopped the light house keeper walked up some more steps and picked up his tool bag he had a look at the inside the light bulb but there wasn’t even a spark of light!

The light house keeper picked up the light bulb but his tool bag was behind him and he tripped breaking the bulb! Worried, distressed, concerned the light house keeper got up and looked out the window seeing a boat. The man ran down stairs to tell the people in town but…

It was a miracle The town people had come to help him!  The light house keeper  lead the town people to the top of the  light house with there lanterns making a huge light making the people on the boat turn the boat around.

My version of “The Lighthouse” by Baylee-Rose!

The Lighthouse!

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse. It was a very dull lighthouse which was a dark shade of grey, but the dazzling light that came of it was just amazing, and it was set on a cliff not so far away from a little town. Underneath the cliff was lots of pointy rocks.

Just over the cliff the small village stood and all you could see was oil lamps. You could just about make out the thin, wispy clouds in the dim, gloomy sky. All you could hear was the cheering of the people in the pub. They were having a party!!

In the lighthouse was the lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse keeper was grumbly and always moody. The old man was putting his hands over his ears, because the people in the town were cheering as the light when past.

“Oh,” he moaned as he shut the window, blocking out the sound. He went straight back to his writing. He was trying to finish when… BANG, BOOM, RUMBLE!! The window flew open blowing out the light. The man had a face full of fear. Towering above the sea,the lighthouse suddenly stopped spinning.

The old man ran up the stairs. He stopped to see that the cogs were broken. The old man fetched his tool box and went to the lightbulb, but the light was dimming by the second.

The old man dropped his toolbox to get a better look, unfortunately he tripped on his tool box and knocked one the lightbulb case smashing it to pieces. The man looked as worried as a little girl running a way from a bear.He thought to himself, what am I going to do.

The old man was so worried and scared that his last hope was the villagers. He pulled open the door and stopped to see that they all had lanterns. The old man led all the people onto the cliff and told them to shine the lanterns. They all guided the ship to safety. The man smiled … for once!

by Baylee-Rose

Jorge’s Lighthouse story

There was once a lighthouse which was gleaming above a town in the town every one was having a great time, except for one grumpy man who lived in the lighthouse that was on gigantic cliff that was above some sharp,dagger like rocks.The cliff was also above the sea.The fierce,deadly waves were crashing against the pointy, jagged rocks. Crashing against the towered cliff the waves made a loud CRASH!In the lighthouse there was a lighthouse keeper. The grumpy, forgotten man, was writing an important and crucial letter.

Suddenly he heard a loud crash. The lighthouse keeper wondered what it was.After that the window blew open.The bright, gleaming candle got blown out because of the cold, strong wind. It was very dark and the lighthouse keeper went to get a lantern, but he tripped over his chair!Keeper started running up the stairs to see what it was,when the lighthouse keeper got to the top keeper saw that the clogs that powered the light had stopped working! Next he ran through a door that goes to the light in the lighthouse and put his tool-box behind him.He looked in the cage that meant to have the bulb in and there was NOTHING there!!!

The lighthouse keeper lifted up the cage, but keeper tripped over his tool-box  and the cage smashed!Next he heard a loud horn, there was a ship coming!Then he saw lots of lights in the distance. The man, who was worried,terrified wondered what he was going to do.The lighthouse keeper ran downstairs as fast as keeper could and yanked open the door to see what it was.There was nothing there, but then a huge light was coming up the hill.It was the town’s people they came to help.They all ran upstairs and some of them stayed at the bottom of the lighthouse.Then the ship did a huge turn and just missed hitting the cliff.Afterwards the town,s people and the lighthouse keeper were re-united once again.(Hooray)

The End

The lighthouse by Kayban

There was once a lighthouse which looked over many towns and cities, but the nearest city was Holyhead [in Wales] and some people in a party were cheering every time the light passed by.It was a dull, dark winters evening. In the lighthouse, there was a keeper. The loud, noisy crowd outside provoked the keeper.

The old,stone lighthouse was built on a cliff with water, splashing onto it The elderly man wrote a messy, untidy letter. He was so irritated by the racket that he slammed the little window squeezed into the wall, shut.

Suddenly he heard a deafening crash, the candle went out, the window flew open and the light stopped wring. Immediately the people in the party stopped cheering. When the ,the man got up to check out the noise, he tripped over the chair and waddled over to the stairs. He grabbed his toolkit and sprinted up the spiral staircase. At the peak of the lighthouse, he heard a noise, it was a ship. Scared, anxious, terrified he lifted up the ball. As he stepped backwards and tripped over his toolkit which was left on the floor behind him and the ball shattered into a million pieces, sending fragments of glass asunder. A worried look crossed his face as the ship was edging nearer. The guard ran swiftly down the stairs, although he sounded like an elephant bombarding a building.

When the keeper looked through the door a pleasure met his eyes, all the villagers had brought their lanterns, so the ship was led safely away from the jagged rocks. Delighted, pleased, satisfied the guard scampered back into the lighthouse with a smile on his face for once.

The lighthouse by Charlie.

Once there was a lighthouse that was towering over the edge the cliff. The lighthouse was leaning over a village. In the lighthouse the lighthouse keeper was writing a letter, but the villagers were putting him off, so he slammed the window shut! Then the cogs stopped working and the light broke!

Worried, concerned, distressed the lighthouse keeper sprinted up the spiral staircase! When the villagers knew that the lighthouse stopped working they all worried because there was a boat that was about to hit the sharp, jagged rocks! The old man was lifting the lightbulb, but he dropped it and the glass shattered all over the place. The lighthouse keeper felt anxious!

The old man looked and saw the villagers, so he ran as fast as his legs could carry him to open the tall, squat door. All the villagers had there lanterns with them. The lighthouse keeper, who smashed the lightbulb, was relived to see the villagers! The villagers went into the lighthouse and used there lanterns to guide the boat away from the sharp, jagged rocks and the boat turned swiftly away! The lighthouse keeper thanked the villagers and they went home!

The End!