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Ella’s 100wc

Bob upset the pot plant that was an old heirloom of the family.”BOB!”roared Mum.”It’s not my fault!”said Bob.Bob was very naughty and only ate crisps or pizza.”Bob pick it up and no TV for a year!”shouted Mum.Later,Bob ate a pizza.Mum said”Bob are you being good?””It’s not my_ WHAT!? Oh, well maybe.”said Bob.”I will be good.”thought Bob.Bob went to a party.He destroyed it by knocking over the birthday cake! The birthday girl began to cry.”BOB!”yelled everyone.”It’s not my fault,it’s not my fault!”cried Bob.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday two teams of Year 3/4 children played in a Tag rugby competition at Telford Rugby club. One team played against Grange Park, St George’s and Dawley C of E. They lost 4 – 3 to Grange Park but won the other 2 games. The other team played against Coalbrookdale, John Randall and Short Wood. Although they lost their first game, they drew one and won the other! We had a great time and everybody worked really well together.

Thanks to all the parents who helped and supported! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Pilgrim and the PTA for our new rugby tops!


Harvest Poetry Competition

Listen to the winning entry from Mrs Flanders’ Harvest Poetry Competition by Ella in Year 4. Congratulations Ella!

Egyptian ebook

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