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Bird’s the word

Today I had finished my spellings quite fast so I whent on Mr Browns iPhone. I played a game called Bird’s the word.The aim of the game is to make words from a bundle of letters.I got through the first level but I didn’t have time to do the second level.It helped me think of different words to put in sentence’s.I enjoyed the game very much and it was a very great game.

By Amy.

Review of Wooords app

Today, after are spelling test we were the first ones to finish so we could go on the iPad, we went on to Wooords, (a spelling app) and you had to make lots of Words with 6 letters. There was a main letter where you had to make words with that letter in. It helped us a lot because it showed us the words for us to remember, we think that lots of people should use the app to help them with their spellings. The letters looked like the magnetic letters what goes on your fridge, we thought this was extremely fun.
By Jess and Olivia

The maths learning wall!!!!

In Mrs Sutton’s maths class we have been learning all about division and some of the inverses.

100 divided by 4 =25
25 x4=100

Ben and Hannah


The Olympic Torch

On the 30th May the olympic torch came past our school! Moorfield did a cycling race in town, they came 3rd. The girl who was carrying the torch was called Rachel she is a swimmer. All POLICE was coming! There was 4 lorries.

By Maddy

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key stage 2 sports day

Yesterday we had sports day. It was really fun because every partisapated . I was in the sack race ,relay,shuttle i really enjoyed it. addlitonton came first ,twedle came second,redgrave came third,Daley came was a great day for all of us.

by Amelia


Surprising Sports day

Sports Day was held in Moorfield in, Shropshire, Newport. This happened on the 25/6/2012.

We also had the cake store, but, we had to do the Flashmob. Just because we had to practice, practice, practice. But practice makes perfect.

When we arrived at the playfield, parents started arriving with teachers asking patiently wether the parents & carers if they could sit down .

After that, ks1 started their own Sports Day. It was a little bit funny. ks2 was even more funnier!

The funny part was when I, Jerusha, accidently pushed off the police helmet of my head but again & again it kept on falling off but I didn’t like it at all.

There are some sports which come from the olympics like pole vault, hurdles, shot put & tennis.


Sunny sports day

On the 25th of june Moorfield primary school,Newport Shropsire in Welligton Road we had sports day.We had sports day because every year we celebrate peoples talant.There was 280 children who toke part in this sports day. Sport day takes part once a year.

Before we started the races we got into our colour house and to do a flash mob. A flash mob is when you do a little dance.

The races were sack race,bean bag race,three leged race,sprint,hurdles,dressing up and the relay.Key stage 1 went first.

After that we started the races. I was in the bean bag race,dressing up and relay race.I liked it all because when you did a race everyone cheered for you.

What I have learned is that it does not matter if you don’t win,it is just a race.


My Second Cousins Gold Medle

In 2000 my second cousin rowed in the Men’s Eight at the Sydney Olympics. He was in the black boat but the actual colour of the boat is light blue. He won a awseme gold medle and I got to hold the gold medle. His name is Keiran West and I would like to say thank you to him for lenden the medle to me.

By Dayton


Linking hands animation

This is the second of our Olympic animations from Justin, Georgina, Nathan and Jorge. We’d love to know what you think about it!

My Olympic Board Game!!

2 Weeks ago we started to do an Olympic Board game. In my group there was Poppy, Kathryn and me.I thought we should do a Wenlock and Mandival zoom to the games!!!There were two counters wenlock and mandival and there were spaces saying red was go back 1\2 spaces and the blue were go forward one\three spaces and go side ways 2 spaces.Say if u got a 4 you could move sideways or forwards NOT diagonal or backwards. when you have finished it will say Wembley stadium London.

By Alfie