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Bird’s the word

Today I had finished my spellings quite fast so I whent on Mr Browns iPhone. I played a game called Bird’s the word.The aim of the game is to make words from a bundle of letters.I got through the first level but I didn’t have time to do the second level.It helped me think of different words to put in sentence’s.I enjoyed the game very much and it was a very great game.

By Amy.

Review of Wooords app

Today, after are spelling test we were the first ones to finish so we could go on the iPad, we went on to Wooords, (a spelling app) and you had to make lots of Words with 6 letters. There was a main letter where you had to make words with that letter in. It helped us a lot because it showed us the words for us to remember, we think that lots of people should use the app to help them with their spellings. The letters looked like the magnetic letters what goes on your fridge, we thought this was extremely fun.
By Jess and Olivia

Greatest Decathlete, Daley Thompson


Henry wrote this biography on Daley Thompson on the iPad, using the Book Creator app. We’d love your comments.

Toy animation

Year 3/4 animation from Moorfield Primary on Vimeo.

Some children used the iPad to animate their toys on the last day of term.
On toy day me Jack, Mia and Olivia made a animation with my trash packs. We started at home then they got in to the lorry. Then when all of the trash packs were in the lorry they went for a little ride. Around the place and stayed there forever. By Dayton, Jack, Mia and Olivia.

Base 3 World Book Day

To view this flipping book you need to have Flash Player 9 or newer installed and JavaScript enabled. Flipsnack is a flash video player that allows you to create stylish flipping books out of your PDF document.

Very neat work

Mr Brown’s maths class have been concentrating on showing their working out and presenting their work. Just look at this FANTASTIC work!

Mr Brown was so impressed that Becky went straight to Mrs Plant to show her AND got to have a go on the iPad as a treat!