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Hama beads polar bear!

I made a polar bear out of hama beads and it took me 2 nights to do it . I have lots of hama beads, I have a box full of them. To make it you need some hama beads and a board that has like little spikes on it and then you start making it. So first  you make a Polar bear then on the board, then you put a nose and a eye next you fill it in and if you have got a peace of baking paper you can use that or you can get some in a box that comes with some hama beads and you can use that. If you have got a iron at home you need to use it for hama beads. Next you get the iron and you put the pease of paper on the the Polar bear picture and iron it, when you have done that you need to leave it to cool down, when it has cooled down you carefully take the hama beads of and there you have a hama beads Polar bear.                                                                                      

                                           by Georgina!


In December Jessica chose…

In December Jessica chose to do the learning wall so we had to choose a partner and she picked Georgina and so we started doing it. We took 3 days to do it and when we fineshed we had a photo and now we are learning to do about time. ” We are very proud to be members of the learning wall and hopefully we will enjoy this time in the learning wall .” said Jessica and Georgina.
The learning wall helps us to share our learning stuff and gives us ideas for things we might not have know.
By Jessica and Georgina.

pitchers of Egypt

These are pitchers when my mum’s  friend whent to Egypt and took some photos.One is a pitcher of an inside of a pyramid and a person on a camel and a pitcher of a pyrimid.


My jumbo pencil

Year 3/4 whent to Birmgham museum and whent to the shop and brought some things and I brought a jumbo pencil and it had a Egyptian god on it and its name is Nefertiti.


Egyptian bookmark

I brought in a book mark  it is my mums she had it for her 32nd birthday from me and my sister she uses it every time she reads a book.



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Yesterday year 3/4 made a time line out of a skipping rope.We had to put Bc and Ad in order on the rope. Bc went first and Ad went last on the rope. Ancient Egyptians were oldest people on our timeline.

By Jacob and Georgina