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Egyptian Presentation

Jorge in Y4 made this very informative presentation, with a quiz at the end!

facts about mummies

My mum  bought this book from egypt  about two weeks ago.In this book  it said “A bog body of a man was found in north west england in 1984 and lindow man died when he was about 20 years old!    

by Alfie

My Lego Egypt stuff

Over the weekend I made lots of Lego models and buildings. I made a lego scofus and a lego man and mummy. And a model of the great pyramid of geasa. A black stud is a scarab beatel. By Ben p.s I wrote this on mister brown iPad2.

Making a mummy

I was wrapping up a mummies leg with linen  bandages and you can not let any air in and it was fun.

By Mia

Wrapping the mummy

This is me wrapping a mummy  with coten and I pulled the hart out !  The girl  pulled out  the mummys brans itc was tutankhamun. Then we had LUNCH yummy.

by lauren  



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On  the 22 of september all of the year 3/4 went to Birmingham museum and in the Egyptians bit there are some real mummies.  The big case the shape of a person is called a sarcophagus  the thing wraped round the mummie is called linnen bandages.  The things that look like letters are called hilogrithics  they say there name at the side they.  Sowe on some specil charms for the after life.  by Brendan

Birmingham Museum

year 3/4 whent to birnigham mueseam saw a mummy but it wusent real. we did see a real mummy later on.  In the shop i bort some coliring .

By Josh

How to make a mummy

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Whilst we were at the museum in Birmingham, all the classes learned how to make their own mummy!

Can you remember the different steps? Use the pictures to help remind you.

Year 3/4 @ Birmingham museum & art gallery

Mr Brown’s class are about to start making their mummy!

Now we’ve seen a real mummy!

Horrible Histories – Mummy song

As we are going to be seeing some mummies on our trip on Thursday, I thought I would post this video! Remember you can see the mummies on the Birmingham Museum website (click on the link on the left) and you can do a virtual tour here.