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Moorfield School and the Olympic Torch

This is the video British Gymnastics made starring Moorfield Primary on the Olympic Torch day.

The Olympic torch

On the 30th of May the torch came past our school loads of people were watching the Olympic torch there was police men.There was loads of trucks on the road before the torch arrived past our school  there was a coca cola truck. People were giving out the union jack when it came people were wild with excitement.

by Eve& Josh

The Olympic Torch

On the 30th May the olympic torch came past our school! Moorfield did a cycling race in town, they came 3rd. The girl who was carrying the torch was called Rachel she is a swimmer. All POLICE was coming! There was 4 lorries.

By Maddy

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Katie with the Olympic Torch

Yesterday I Held The Olympic Torch And I Know That It’s got eight thousand Holes and it’s metal and it stinks of metal.I was Exited.