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My letter from Sandringham House

Yesterday I reciveied a letter and it was from one of the Queen’s lady in waiting I wrote to the Queen because I was intreasted in J.M Barrie one of my favourite  authors. I read on wikipedia that J.M Barrie used to read to The Queen and Princess Margret So I wrote to her to see if she could tell me  any facts. Also the lady in waiting put in a leaflet about the Queen’s life an intresting fact is her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary .The lady in waiting wrote the letter the day before yesterday which was the 7th of February.  By Eve

My egytian book

20111012-091857.jpg this Egypt book is about the tresures of tutnkamun from the the discovery of him by Howard carter.in the 1970’s some of his tresures where delieved to the Birtish museum in london. And this book was bought by my Nanny and inside was the tickets and hotel tickets inside.I wrote this on the ipad by Eve

Egyptian book 2


My holiday

Mickey mouse was invented by Walt Disney in 1928 and was made into a telvison on the same year. First it was in black and white but soon it was in colour and it was and it become more popular.

I got this postcard for mr brown when I went to Disneyland.

by Eve