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HarryPotter Wonds!!!

Over the half term me and my family went on a walk and I fond a bunch of stick’s and tuck 3 home and I  carved them in to wond’s. By Ben


Harry potter movies have been on tv since 2001.  movie 1 is philosphers stone. move 2 is chamber of seacrots. movie 3 is  prisner of  askban. movie  4 is goblit of fire. movie 5 is order of the phoenix movie 6 half blud prienc  movie 7 deathly halows part 1/2  I recmend you read or lissen or wotch it. HARRY POTTER IS AWESOME.

By Ben

Harry Potter’s wand.

I have brought my wands in so the people who don’t know anything about Harry potter can find somthing out about him. Harry potter’s wand is his only wand, he doesn’t snap it, bend it or break at all, he keeps that wand for the whole series. Ron Weasley breaks his wand in number 2 (chamber of secrets) So he selletapes it when hogwarts is having the feast. Since the celetape is blocking the magic getting to the end of the wand every time he does a spell it shoots back at him, and I have seen chamber of secrets and Ron tries to do a spell at Draco Malfoy (Eat slugs spell) and he flies back and neels down and slugs come out of his MOUTH!!! EEEEWWWW!!! Thats what I have to tell you about Harry Potter’s wand & Ron Weasley’s wand.

By Jorge