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Year 4 meet olympic gymnasts!

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Our lucky year 4s got to meet the Women British Gymnastics squad at Lilleshall thanks to our friends at British Gymnastics.

Moorfield School and the Olympic Torch

This is the video British Gymnastics made starring Moorfield Primary on the Olympic Torch day.

When I met Beth Tweddle

On Thursday Me and some other 3/4 children went to Lilleshall gymnastics place building thingy. In there we got to see the FAMOUS GYMNAST BETH TWEDDLE! It was really good. First we were watching the gymnasts from up the stairs then we got to go down stairs into the room where every one was training! We got Beth’s autograph and we got to talk to her and we got her to sign our 2012 photo. We also got to see the men doing a competition sort of thing. They were scoring each other out of 10 on each of the equipment. That was what me and some other 3/4 kids did on Thursday.

By Jorge

Moorfield Meet Beth Tweddle

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When year 3/4 went to see Beth Tweddle, when we got there we were waching all of the gymnasts and then we saw Beth training. Then we went down stairs and got her sigichers from her bthen we went to sit on a mat. The people who went was Grace, Jess P, Jodie, Goergina, Joerge, Alfie H, Amy H, Alisa, Abie, Megan T, Evelyn, Olivia, I and many more. Mrs Plant came and Mrs Wiser. All of us had a really good time. It was AWESOME !!!!!!

By Dayton
Photos by Georgina

British gymnastics

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British Gymnastic have kindly let the whole school come and watch the British team practising at Lilleshall.

What did you learn about gymnastics at Lilleshall?

What equipment did you see being used?

Let the games begin

Here it is! Our very own Flash Mob, which is part of the British Gymnastics promotional material for the 2012 Olympics.