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Science in action!

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We have been learning about solids and liquids and what is special about them. the special things we call their properties. We observed over 32 different solids and liquids and we have been ace at bringing stuff in. We loved this task and even though it was very messy we were all really good. Next we will be thinking about some investigations that we could do.

Did you know that liquids will always take up all the space when a container is moved but solids don’t?

 Did you know some liquids move faster than others?

Cardboard appeal!

Don’t forget to keep bringing in any unwanted cardboard boxes! The bigger the better! We would also love any odd or different shaped boxes you may have, carpet roll tubes, long thin boxes and the like. We can’t tell you what they are for just yet because it would spoil the surprise!!

Base 6 Music

On Thursday the 25th of January Base 6 were exploring rhythmic patters using a variety of instuments. Playing along to the song “The Noah Rap”, all about Noah’s Ark, they were each given an animal to represent, whilst thinking about which instrument will sound most like their creature. Which they then performed beautifully all together at the end of the lesson, well done Base 6!       


Today we were learning about 3d shape and some of the shape we know are cube cuboid sphere cylinder cone trianglar prism square pyramied trangbasd pyramied

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By Sophie and Molly.

Base 3 science

On Friday the 26 of January base 3 did some science. We made a table in our book to see if it was a luquid or a solid. We found out that toothpaste is a liquid. We felt all diffrent stuff. For example we used soap,water,cream,shampoo,soda water,honey,brick, ETC. We had 3 tables I enjoyed it a lot it was very fun and I want to do it again. I learnt a lot from this lesson.
By Jack

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World Religions

In our assembly this afternoon, these 5 children were able to name different religions. We heard the story of the Loaves and Fishes.

  • Jack said ‘Jewish’ and knew the Star of David is a special symbol for Jewish people.
  • Baylee said ‘Hindu’ and knew that one of their gods was called Shiva.
  • Kayban said `Sikhism’ and knew that Sikh men wear Turbans because they believed they could not cut their hair.
  • Amy said ‘Buddhism’ worship a god called Buddha and Buddhist monks wear orange.
  • Amelia said Catholic and knew that some Christian people are Catholic and Jack added the Pope is the leader of the Catholic church.

I wonder if anyone knows any other religions, or can tell us some more about the ones we have managed?

Science solids and stuff

We have been collecting stuff for our Science topic,which is solids and liquids.Some things are shredded paper,tomato soup and even a potato! They all move in  different ways.

Art Competition

We are disinig mugs for macmillon canser supurt.



Shared Reading

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Today we did some  sherd ridding with mrs flanders.

Extra writing at home

At home I did polar bear work. It took me 4 days. I am trying to get better at writing.

I did some work for Mr Bron as well.