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Faster,higher ,stronger

In ict bace 5 made a Olympic fact file all about sports you will find in the olympics Like bmxing.


Ace olympic timeline

Base 5 made one medal each and covered it in glitter in a pattern and nathan and Zac made a Olympic timeline I can’t believe that the snail is beating the man in a race to the Olympics.


My olympic work

On sunday i did some rearch at home about the olympic . The olympic rings repastion five counties are Amercia ,Europe ,Asia,Afrcia,Australia it appers once in each flag.The first olympic games started in 776 b.c there are 26 games in the olympics. In 776 any women was married were not allowed to enter or watch the olympic games. The olympic games would start on the 12th of july to the 27 th of august .205 nations will be taking part in the olympics games . Olympics games were celbrated as a religious festaval from 776 b.c until 398 . The torch starts in greece . The maskot is wenlock.If the fire burns out the olympic games will not go as planned .

By Amelia

Quadblogging – Bon Accord, Canada

Our first focus school is Bon Accord school in Alberta, Canada. Their motto is Everyone a learner; Everyone a leader. Bon Accord is north of Edmonton.

Mrs Dechaine’s class have a great blog, so lets leave them lots of comments! If there is just a picture, you will need to click on the title to leave a comment. Make sure you follow our blog rules, and say that you are from Moorfield in your comment. I’m sure you have lots of questions, as we have been learning about the weather in Hudson Bay!

These pictures show you where Bon Accord is and how far it is from Moorfield!

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We are Quadblogging again! This time we are blogging with schools in UK, Canada and New Zealand!

The first school we are Quadblogging with is Woodlands Primary school in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It is just over 200 miles away from Moorfield! If you look at the map closely, you will see that it is very near the sea! We are blogging with Mr Handley’s Year 4 class. Like our Year 4, they have also been to Kingswood! You can read all about it and see their photos on their blog, click here to visit it!

You could also comment on their Music and Art of the Week

Remember to follow our blogging rules, but say that you are from Moorfield!

What happens to my body when I exercise?

We wanted to know what happens when we exercise .we went into the courtyard and did different exercise activities .i liked skipping best.we found out our bodies were warm ,and sweaty. By Rebecca.

Designing Olympic bunting

Today Mr Brown ‘s class started to make some bunting.We had to draw or write something to do with the Olympics or to do with flags.Everybody had great Ideas and we all had lots of fun making them.We are doing the buntings for when the Olympic torch comes past on the 30 of May.

By Kathryn

Disney stuff

In the Ester holiday me and my family went to Disney florida and at sea world I got a cup.On the cup it has some polar bears and some dolphins and walruses on it.At sea world I saw a real polar bear sleeping with the baby.On one of the days we swam with some dolphins the dolphins were really soft .On the first day we went to downtown Disney and I got a mini mouse snow glob.

By Millie


Do people with the longest legs jump the furthest?

Yesterday we did an experiment to test if people with the longest leg jumped the furthest. kayban jumped the furthest. He did not have the longest legs. We think you have to be springy as Molly.



My Arctic animal posters

Quite a  long time ago I brought in some posters of animals from the Artic there was a polar bear, a eagle, a mouse,a artic fox.I collected them from the daily mail. If you turned them over it makes a big picture of a polar bears.It was really fun collecting the  my nan got me the first one which was a polar bear.

By Lucy