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World Religions

In our assembly this afternoon, these 5 children were able to name different religions. We heard the story of the Loaves and Fishes.

  • Jack said ‘Jewish’ and knew the Star of David is a special symbol for Jewish people.
  • Baylee said ‘Hindu’ and knew that one of their gods was called Shiva.
  • Kayban said `Sikhism’ and knew that Sikh men wear Turbans because they believed they could not cut their hair.
  • Amy said ‘Buddhism’ worship a god called Buddha and Buddhist monks wear orange.
  • Amelia said Catholic and knew that some Christian people are Catholic and Jack added the Pope is the leader of the Catholic church.

I wonder if anyone knows any other religions, or can tell us some more about the ones we have managed?

my medals

On sunday I did the Wrekin run I ran for 2 miles in one hour and a half I was 1st and when I finished the jog I came 1st I was the only 8 person in the jog. I was releafead when I came first I won a trophy and I won 4 medals two gold medals and two silver medals and a cetificate.My mum came last I got in the bottom 2 the other girl was called mia.

by Amelia

Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated to or attended the Harvest Festival today. Year 3/4 had their service this morning. A huge well done to all the readers; you can watch a recording of one of the poems Mr Brown’s class read below!

my magic puzzle

This is my magic puzzle it has ink on it when you

rube the ink it reveals and then disappears.

Anicent egyptian facts

Egypt is sitvated in the northeast corner of africa.
Large river called nile.
Currency egyption pound.
Flag,red,white,black with a golden eagle set in the middle.
Most famous egyptionis tutankhamun born around 1346bc.
The monuments and the tombs of there pharoahs contineue to stand today intact today 4,000 years later They dont write wels or putvanor.
Egyptians writing is called hieroglyphes.
Two greek words hiero=holy
glyphe=writing holy wrting.

by Amelia