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My Arctic animal posters

Quite a  long time ago I brought in some posters of animals from the Artic there was a polar bear, a eagle, a mouse,a artic fox.I collected them from the daily mail. If you turned them over it makes a big picture of a polar bears.It was really fun collecting the  my nan got me the first one which was a polar bear.

By Lucy

Polar Bear Naming Competition.

I am doing this competition so that the first person to geuss the name will have the polar bear for a week and they write down what they did with the polar bear in the journal.I got this from the wwf go wild team for adopting a polar bear.here are the names below they go up to the letter l you can choose anyone of the and vote for a comment!

    1. Snowy
    2. Icy
    3. Chilly
    4. Snowdrift
    5. Arctic
    6. Iceberg
    7. .P.B By Alfie
    8. hudson
    9. Tintin
    10. Jacob
    11. Alfie
    12. White


My cool Polar Bear Badge!

A few days ago I made a polar bear badge. I called mine puffy because it was fluffy. If you want to make one you will need card ,wool ,tape ,safety pin.If you want to  make your own at home this is how you make it. First you draw a polar bear on a piece of card.Then you cut it out carefully. Next you  get some glue and stick  on some wool .After that  stick  a paper clip to the back of the polar bear. Then finally your finished ! Also  talking about  polar bears did you know  polar bears  have black skin underneath there white fur!

by Poppy

Hama beads polar bear!

I made a polar bear out of hama beads and it took me 2 nights to do it . I have lots of hama beads, I have a box full of them. To make it you need some hama beads and a board that has like little spikes on it and then you start making it. So first  you make a Polar bear then on the board, then you put a nose and a eye next you fill it in and if you have got a peace of baking paper you can use that or you can get some in a box that comes with some hama beads and you can use that. If you have got a iron at home you need to use it for hama beads. Next you get the iron and you put the pease of paper on the the Polar bear picture and iron it, when you have done that you need to leave it to cool down, when it has cooled down you carefully take the hama beads of and there you have a hama beads Polar bear.                                                                                      

                                           by Georgina!

My polar bear adoption

On Monday night my mum went on a website called go wild and adopted a polar bear.So now me and my class have to pay to feed the polar bear,and Iget an exclusive drawstring backpack,your collectable wristband,fascinating explorer’s guide,cool competitions,puzzles and games,lots of fantastic animal stickers,unique membership key ring and six great magazines a year. I bought this in because we are learning about polar bears. On Sunday night I got all my prizes for adopting a polar bear. I didn’t know I would get a teddy bear but I did so I’m making a guess the name contest and i’ve made a journal and whoever win’s the guess the name contest will have the polar bear for the weekend.And they will write down in the journal what they did in the weekend with the polar bear and then they will bring the teddy bear back and we will do another guess the name.A and for the other prizes I got I am doing a quiz for other people to win them FOREVER.  by     Alfie