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Olympic Torch Day

Today is the day the Olympic Torch comes to Newport! We have a fun-packed day planned with lots of activities happening in town. The torch arrives at 16:06 and will be welcomed by all of our bunting and flags! This is Base 3’s flag. Let us know what you think about it!

Is it a cardboard box? Is it a Polar bear?

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Mrs Sutton has been very busy making a Polar bear from some cardboard boxes in the courtyard. Lucky she had lots of helpers. You can see it is beginning to take shape! We hope to update you soon – watch this space!


Plight of the Polar Bears

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This week Year 3/4 have started work on their ‘Green’ theme for this term. We have been researching the Plight of the Polar bears. Base 5 and Base 6 have being doing some Polar Bear artwork. These pictures are of Mrs Wiser’s wonderful display.

Mr Brown’s class have posted some facts about Polar Bears on their own blogs – click here to read them!

If you want to do some more research on Polar Bears, the websites are all in the Links area on the left, under Polar Bears – scroll down!

Celtic Art

This is a picture of celtic art that I took on the macbook.It is a picture of some celitic art that I drawed.I didn’t know where to start so I just did anythink that came to my mind.It took about ten minutes to do.I didn’t have time to colour it in.

By Isabel.

Maddy’s hama bead.

A few week’s ago i made this hama bead i am not sure what it is called but i now it is somthing egyptian.

Love Maddy x

Year 3/4 art work

On Tuesday afternoons, Year 3/4 have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh with Mrs Holloway – here are some of their wonderful paintings.

Can you see yours?


Lucy’s mummy

I made this mummy with my sister it was hard making it it kept going wrong but we got there in the end. I wish i could make some more mummies but my mummy won’t let me she says “we will run out of paper”.

Please comment on me

by Lucy



The Sunflowers is a painting  that my Grandad gave me. I like it because is really bright and happy. The painting is famous!There are lots of Sunflowers in the painting.I brought it in because we were going to paint  soon so thats why I brought the painting in.

By Isabel