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Tin Forest book review.

A book review on The Tin Forest, by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.

By Ella

Templar publishing first published this book in 2001. It is a fiction fantasy book. The theme is the importance of believing in your dreams to make them come true.

The story is set in a wide, windswept place near nowhere and close to forgotten, filled with rubbish. There is no information on the time, yet I would say round about ten years ago. The place is imaginary, since there is no country like that on this planet that I know of.

This tale is about an old man trying to build a tin forest out of a scrap heap. Will he succeed? Read the book to find out…

The characters are the old man, a bird and his mate. The old man, who is a lonely person, is the protagonist and the two birds, who are probably toucans, help him to make his dream come true. Other characters are the animals and birds who live with the old man at the end of the story.

I liked this book because it had lots of adjectives, was cleverly written and was full of some marvellous illustrations! The story made me happy and inspired me to never give up. I would recommend it to people of all ages, for it is such an amazing tale. I rate it 10/10!

Letter from the tin forest

Today we got a letter from sam the old man it said that he was thankful for building the tin forest. He also gave us some pea seeds that we just planted and Jorge and Ben put it outside the old mans house.We sent a letter back to Sam saying your welcome for the tin forest and what we did with the seeds. Then we gave them to Jack to put them all in an envelope and Mia posted it to the old mans house.

Literacy Homework

We thought we would try something different with our homework this week. If you decide to complete on a computer and would like to share it, you could add it as a comment here, copying it and pasting it! Remember you still need to stick it in your homework book though!

Making the Tin Forest

We have had a fun packed day today, sorting and sifting through our rubbish and then making our very own forest. Just like the old man in The Tin Forest. This is a video of what we have made – we hope you like it!

What were your favourite bits from our Tin Forest day?

Even more creative writing

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Look what we have been making out of our junk

All of Year 3/4 have been busy sifting and sorting our junk, and have begun to create our forest. Can you tell what these wonderful creations are?

Creative writing day

This morning we have started reading the tin forest and have begun our creative writing day!