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Mascot dance

We have been making up a dance for the Olympic opening ceremony in dance today. We started by watching Wenlock and Mandeville, then we added our own ideas. We included moves from some of the Olympic sports and the Olympic rings. We had great fun. Our dances were performed to reach for the stars. Why not have a go at making up your own dance at home.




The Olympic Torch

Yesterday the Olympic torch came past are school.The person who was carrying the torch was called Rachel.Moorfield did a cycling race in town and are school came 3rd .Some of the people got to hold the torch. There were 3 lorries  coca cola ,samsung, loyds.

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bY Amelia

Measuring our wingspan

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Mr Brown’s Maths group have been drawing carefully around their bodies to measure their ‘wingspan’ and heights. Michael Phelps has an unusually long wingspan, which people think helps make him swim faster!

The Olympics in the Island

When I went home I made a comic about Wenlock & Mandevil when they get stranded on a island.(strange enough Whenlock ate a doughnut & Mandevil had ice cream on the life boat.)(I find that coo – coo for maskots.) last week we were learning about Superheroes. We had great fun.


Olympic Torch Day

Today is the day the Olympic Torch comes to Newport! We have a fun-packed day planned with lots of activities happening in town. The torch arrives at 16:06 and will be welcomed by all of our bunting and flags! This is Base 3’s flag. Let us know what you think about it!

Thompson’s Terrific Talent

Elliot and Michael have produced this video biography about the famous British decathlete Daley Thompson. If you don’t know what a decathlete is, you need to watch the video!

Linford Lightning

Nathan and Lily made this fabulous video biography about the famous British Sprinter Linford Christie. Let them know what you think about it!

Rowing Redgrave

Olivia and Jess have produced this wonderful biography of the one and only 5 times Olympic Gold medal winner – Sir Steve Redgrave.
We’d love to know what you think about it.

Brilliant British Breaker

Alfie and Amy wrote and presented this super video biography of Lord Sebastian Coe.
We’d love to know what you think about it!

Measuring Metres

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Mr Brown’s maths group have been practising their measuring skills. We used the metre sticks to measure objects all around the school, we had to estimate first though!

How many MMs make one centimetre?
How many CMs make 1 metre?
How many Ms make 1 kilometre?

There are some online measuring activities here.