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Tin Forest book review.

A book review on The Tin Forest, by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.

By Ella

Templar publishing first published this book in 2001. It is a fiction fantasy book. The theme is the importance of believing in your dreams to make them come true.

The story is set in a wide, windswept place near nowhere and close to forgotten, filled with rubbish. There is no information on the time, yet I would say round about ten years ago. The place is imaginary, since there is no country like that on this planet that I know of.

This tale is about an old man trying to build a tin forest out of a scrap heap. Will he succeed? Read the book to find out…

The characters are the old man, a bird and his mate. The old man, who is a lonely person, is the protagonist and the two birds, who are probably toucans, help him to make his dream come true. Other characters are the animals and birds who live with the old man at the end of the story.

I liked this book because it had lots of adjectives, was cleverly written and was full of some marvellous illustrations! The story made me happy and inspired me to never give up. I would recommend it to people of all ages, for it is such an amazing tale. I rate it 10/10!

Author in residence

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Today an auther came in his name was Luke Temple, he’s wrote two books already the secret the theatre and stormy cliff and tommorow he’s coming back in to sighn posters and books at the start Mrs Flanders said that he couldn’t make it and then he burst out of the store room dressed as a pirate In the first half he taked about the stormy cliff book in the second half he talked about the secret theatre.



Paired reading

We have been working hard on our reading. The pupils have been hearing each other read aloud and this week we have been focusing on asking each other literal and deductive questions.


My polar bear books

I got some polar bear books from the libary last week.mop
These are the names of the books polar reigons in dager,Around the poles,polar bears and Hiding in the polar regions.
In the book called polar bears it said some really good facts like this one polar bear families stay close to the den entrance for the first two weeks now and like these facts aswell polar bears are stong swimmers. They spend a iot of time in the sea swimming from ice floe to ice floe,hunting for seals.They use their webbed feet as paddles and their thick,oily fur keeps them warm in the freezing water.Polar bear cubs quickly learn to swim.If they become tired,they can travel though the water on their mothers back.

By Milly


my book.

My book is about a pharaoh and Egypt I loc it because it shows haw to make a mommy and other stuf  lock haw to make pyramid’s.

My Fairy book’s.

These are my fairy books.

I read two chapters every night.

Egyptian book 3


Harry potter movies have been on tv since 2001.  movie 1 is philosphers stone. move 2 is chamber of seacrots. movie 3 is  prisner of  askban. movie  4 is goblit of fire. movie 5 is order of the phoenix movie 6 half blud prienc  movie 7 deathly halows part 1/2  I recmend you read or lissen or wotch it. HARRY POTTER IS AWESOME.

By Ben

Harry Potter’s wand.

I have brought my wands in so the people who don’t know anything about Harry potter can find somthing out about him. Harry potter’s wand is his only wand, he doesn’t snap it, bend it or break at all, he keeps that wand for the whole series. Ron Weasley breaks his wand in number 2 (chamber of secrets) So he selletapes it when hogwarts is having the feast. Since the celetape is blocking the magic getting to the end of the wand every time he does a spell it shoots back at him, and I have seen chamber of secrets and Ron tries to do a spell at Draco Malfoy (Eat slugs spell) and he flies back and neels down and slugs come out of his MOUTH!!! EEEEWWWW!!! Thats what I have to tell you about Harry Potter’s wand & Ron Weasley’s wand.

By Jorge