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Olympic animations


This afternoon two groups have been busy making their Olympic animations using I can animate. We added sound and titles using iMovie. Let us know what you think of the finished video!


Ben’s Olympic stadium

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I made an olympic stadium it took me from the 17th to the 20th. It was hard work but I did it :D. I made it out of lego ;). I enjoyed  makeing it. 😛

I made it for the animation we will do.

By Ben 🙂

Nathan & Pudsey

This is my pudsey bear I got on friday evening from ASDA I built on Saturday the only bits that move are the ears, legs and arms. My friend Eliot has got one as well.The bandana gets held on by a little grey clip two holes get the clip to go throe them so the bandana on.

By Nathan

My lego robot

I made this lego robot at home and it was kind of hard because some of the peices were missing, the light on the right hand is a lazer  I do not no what the switch on top of the head is but its part of it.

David’s skip lorry

I made a lego skip lorry.


My Lego Egypt stuff

Over the weekend I made lots of Lego models and buildings. I made a lego scofus and a lego man and mummy. And a model of the great pyramid of geasa. A black stud is a scarab beatel. By Ben p.s I wrote this on mister brown iPad2.

Lego Pyramid

Jolian's lego pyramid, which he made last week. He is on holiday at the moment, so let him know what you think about it!