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What we did afternoon.

Today in the afternoon we had the MacBooks and we had to make a Olympic poster about a sport what is in the Olympics. We chose the sport triathlon. All the class made posters we had to do facts about the sport, what is the sport, and what day does the sport start. We went on a website to find facts and pictures there was brilliant pictures of the swimming people diving, we all had fun doing are posters.

Triathlon Mia & Eve

By Olivia and Mia.

Maths projects

This week my maths class have presented our maths projects. They ranged from redesigning an Olympic city to making Olympic t shirts. We have decided to do a mini enterprise project next week using the ideas presented by the pizza parlour group. We will be making and selling pizza to the rest of the school sometime next week. Yum I can’t wait.



Moorfield School and the Olympic Torch

This is the video British Gymnastics made starring Moorfield Primary on the Olympic Torch day.

The Olympic Torch

On the 30th May the olympic torch came past our school! Moorfield did a cycling race in town, they came 3rd. The girl who was carrying the torch was called Rachel she is a swimmer. All POLICE was coming! There was 4 lorries.

By Maddy

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My Second Cousins Gold Medle

In 2000 my second cousin rowed in the Men’s Eight at the Sydney Olympics. He was in the black boat but the actual colour of the boat is light blue. He won a awseme gold medle and I got to hold the gold medle. His name is Keiran West and I would like to say thank you to him for lenden the medle to me.

By Dayton


Linking hands animation

This is the second of our Olympic animations from Justin, Georgina, Nathan and Jorge. We’d love to know what you think about it!

My Olympic Board Game!!

2 Weeks ago we started to do an Olympic Board game. In my group there was Poppy, Kathryn and me.I thought we should do a Wenlock and Mandival zoom to the games!!!There were two counters wenlock and mandival and there were spaces saying red was go back 1\2 spaces and the blue were go forward one\three spaces and go side ways 2 spaces.Say if u got a 4 you could move sideways or forwards NOT diagonal or backwards. when you have finished it will say Wembley stadium London.

By Alfie

My Own Olympics Project!

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My class are super excited about their very own Olympics projects. Some of the class have decided to redesign the stadiums, some have devised maths booklets based on the Olympic sports and some budding entrepreneurs have decided to make Olympic themed smoothies to sell to athletes and spectators! Watch this space for the outcome of our projects!

Greatest Decathlete, Daley Thompson


Henry wrote this biography on Daley Thompson on the iPad, using the Book Creator app. We’d love your comments.

Marvellous Mary

Hannah and Natalie made this wonderful video biography of Mary Rand using Keynote. We’d love to know what you think about it!