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I have been doing karate for two years and I am a green belt. My dad does it as well and he also is a green belt. You start on white belt and the level that I am on is level five. The levels that I have done are red, yellow, blue and green which I am on. I am good at karate and I go every Tuesday at 7 o’clock for one hour and a half. There are also classes on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. Last grading I won a trophy for best performance. I have also been given a trophy for being the most dedicated and courteous student, which is given out every three months.


My Trophy

On Sunday I went to a rugby match and I got 52 tags in 2 matches.So I got under 8’s top tagger of the week with my fandabidoze team.We were against Wolverhampton and we won 12-9 the 2nd best team in the county.so I brought this into school and showed it to the classes.

By Alfie M

My Wolves Kit

I play for Wolves because I got spoted at nova united. I used to play for Liverpool but it was too far to travel I have scored a lot of goals against other teams as well. I scorded on one of the picture and that was the picture that I’m putting on the blog.

by Jack

Skipping festival

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A squad of Moorfield pupils participated in a skipping festival at Madeley Sports Centre this week. The team were taught several new tricks, which they performed at the end of the event. The breath-taking tricks were also shown and celebrated in Friday’s assembly.

my medals

On sunday I did the Wrekin run I ran for 2 miles in one hour and a half I was 1st and when I finished the jog I came 1st I was the only 8 person in the jog. I was releafead when I came first I won a trophy and I won 4 medals two gold medals and two silver medals and a cetificate.My mum came last I got in the bottom 2 the other girl was called mia.

by Amelia

Poppys medals

I got these medals a few weeks ago.The  yellow one I got for doing a dance on a real stage it was fun but it was  quite scary danceing in front of 442 people.Also when I did the dance  my glasses came of so I had to  go and get them.The other medal is for trampolineing I came first in because  I did a back flip.By Poppy

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday two teams of Year 3/4 children played in a Tag rugby competition at Telford Rugby club. One team played against Grange Park, St George’s and Dawley C of E. They lost 4 – 3 to Grange Park but won the other 2 games. The other team played against Coalbrookdale, John Randall and Short Wood. Although they lost their first game, they drew one and won the other! We had a great time and everybody worked really well together.

Thanks to all the parents who helped and supported! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Pilgrim and the PTA for our new rugby tops!


Millie’s medals

I won this medal in 2011 I am relley proud  I beat my mum by 1 sekand .I relley injed it.I also won this gym medal in 2011.

by Millie

Jake’s trophy

One day me and my mom went to a competition for Gymnastics and I won a trophy. I came first over all in the finals in the Isle of Man with my friend called Jack and he had a meadal . in the madeal ther  was 3 legs in the medal  was the simball of Isle of Man.


Megan’s cricket trophy

I  have  won a certificate and a trophy  for bieng a good cricketer . The chairman said I am a special, good young talented,polite girl! I have played for the under 11 Shropshire county cricket club, under 13 cricket club and I have played some cricket matches for St  Georges. My main cricket club is Lilleshall!

By Megan