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Ships sailing…all aboard.

IAt home I built a wooden ship. I carved all the wood myself and ended up with this design.

Year 3/4 Newsroom!

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Today, Base 3 was turned into a newsroom. The reporting team are working to their deadline of Wedsnesday, whilst the Editorial team with Mrs Holmes were busy checking and proof reading their articles.

Mrs Holmes and her team chose the 4 articles that had achieved most from the success criteria to be published on the blog. So here they are:


Nathan & Pudsey

This is my pudsey bear I got on friday evening from ASDA I built on Saturday the only bits that move are the ears, legs and arms. My friend Eliot has got one as well.The bandana gets held on by a little grey clip two holes get the clip to go throe them so the bandana on.

By Nathan

Egyptian book 3

Nathan’s Fossil

This is a Annamite Fossil from the dinosaur ages. I got it from a shop called Bizzare stuff in St.Ives Cornwall . It has 149 lumps on it! It is so precious even if a baby drops it will break!When I first got it was still covered in sand! It costs a whopping £49.99! Speak to me if you want to find out more.

By Nathan




This is our first post – Nathan’s comic made in Bitstrip.