Year 4 meet olympic gymnasts!

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Our lucky year 4s got to meet the Women British Gymnastics squad at Lilleshall thanks to our friends at British Gymnastics.

7 responses to “Year 4 meet olympic gymnasts!

  1. Baylee-Rose!

    I loved seeing the gymnasts, my throat still herts from squeling! I am very happy that our year got chosen, because I will never get another chance to go. Now all I have to do is watch them on the TV!

  2. It was amazing meeting all the gymnasts. I will be watching them on tv

  3. I loved seeing the gymnastics and even though I havn’t see the women’s gymnstics in my life (honestly) I liked that bouncy mat it was so bouncy that i could not feel my feet. I wonder when i’m going to watch it on TV? 🙂

  4. I bet you all really enjoyed it. I will also deffently be watching the gymnasts. I have already started to watch them and they are fantastic so far.


  5. I bet you had lots of fun .

  6. I bet you they were GREAT!!!

  7. Sarah, Yasmin's mom

    You probably had an awesome time there with all the gymnasts :-))