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Year 3/4 Newsroom!

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Today, Base 3 was turned into a newsroom. The reporting team are working to their deadline of Wedsnesday, whilst the Editorial team with Mrs Holmes were busy checking and proof reading their articles.

Mrs Holmes and her team chose the 4 articles that had achieved most from the success criteria to be published on the blog. So here they are:


My Ancient Egypt stuff

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When my Nanny and Grandad went to Egypt they brought me some things that they had brought with their money and   something  from the shop.They posted it me from Egypt.I called my Nanny and Grandad on the phone to say thank you for what they got me.On the money you can see there is a sphinx on it and not a queen or king that is because nobody rules Egypt!The scroll is made out of papyrus the proper paper!

By Isabel.

Celtic Art

This is a picture of celtic art that I took on the macbook.It is a picture of some celitic art that I drawed.I didn’t know where to start so I just did anythink that came to my mind.It took about ten minutes to do.I didn’t have time to colour it in.

By Isabel.

Egyptian ebook

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The Sunflowers is a painting  that my Grandad gave me. I like it because is really bright and happy. The painting is famous!There are lots of Sunflowers in the painting.I brought it in because we were going to paint  soon so thats why I brought the painting in.

By Isabel