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My cool Polar Bear Badge!

A few days ago I made a polar bear badge. I called mine puffy because it was fluffy. If you want to make one you will need card ,wool ,tape ,safety pin.If you want to  make your own at home this is how you make it. First you draw a polar bear on a piece of card.Then you cut it out carefully. Next you  get some glue and stick  on some wool .After that  stick  a paper clip to the back of the polar bear. Then finally your finished ! Also  talking about  polar bears did you know  polar bears  have black skin underneath there white fur!

by Poppy

Matt the Australian man came to visit

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G’day everyone on Thursday 8/12/11 Matt who came from Australia came to visit Mr Browns class.He told us what some of our words ment in our song Aussie Jingle Bells. Esky was a ice box that they took down to the beach to keep there drinks cold because it’s not like there going to carry a frige down to the beach!He told us a kelpie is a sheep dog that rounded up sheep and sometimes other animals..He also told us that a singlet was a vest but he told us another fact about a singlet (a singlet is a vest if you have forgotten already)the fact is sometimes the Australians only where singlets when it’s really hot like when it’s christmas day on the beach.A ute is short for a utility vehicle.They had different names for cars in Australia to ares in England.They also call flip flops thongs in Australia.We also learned that they shoot the fire works from a brige called the Sydney harbor brige.We all got a rist band and if you answerd a question you should of got a pen or a koala bear .I won a pen and a wristband.

By Poppy and George

Poppys medals

I got these medals a few weeks ago.The  yellow one I got for doing a dance on a real stage it was fun but it was  quite scary danceing in front of 442 people.Also when I did the dance  my glasses came of so I had to  go and get them.The other medal is for trampolineing I came first in because  I did a back flip.By Poppy

Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated to or attended the Harvest Festival today. Year 3/4 had their service this morning. A huge well done to all the readers; you can watch a recording of one of the poems Mr Brown’s class read below!

Egyptian book 2


What I bought in the shop

At  the Birmingham museum  there was a shop with lots of  Egyptian stuff .There was  books  and  toys about egypt .I bought an egyptian cat.Also I bought  an egyptian cat neclace. In the shop it was not all egyptian stuff there was Roman stuff,world war 2 stuff and much more by Poppy