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my gold medal and cirtifecte

On sunday the 1st of july i went to a gymnastics competion in wellington and i came first yes if any one says are you proud i am very very proud of my self and i feel glad to win 2 gold medals in a year and every one said well done and i was vey proud of my self.


by jake


Poppys medals

I got these medals a few weeks ago.The  yellow one I got for doing a dance on a real stage it was fun but it was  quite scary danceing in front of 442 people.Also when I did the dance  my glasses came of so I had to  go and get them.The other medal is for trampolineing I came first in because  I did a back flip.By Poppy

Millie’s medals

I won this medal in 2011 I am relley proud  I beat my mum by 1 sekand .I relley injed it.I also won this gym medal in 2011.

by Millie

Jake’s trophy

One day me and my mom went to a competition for Gymnastics and I won a trophy. I came first over all in the finals in the Isle of Man with my friend called Jack and he had a meadal . in the madeal ther  was 3 legs in the medal  was the simball of Isle of Man.