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Amazing ICT

Today we went to Hadley Park Hotel to look at ICT products. Me Jack and Tom went to look at technology and used the MacBooks, green screen and the flip
camera to find out what they could do. Me and Tom made a video using the green screen.

We made a movie that me and Baylee were on a rolacoster but not in real life. We did it on the green screen. Mr Brown had a go on a remote control Lego robot, using a phone to control it.

We had to come up with ideas for how computers could help you, Tom said they can help you get a job, Baylee suggested making a movie and Jack said you could write a book and publish it on the internet. We have been busy making a book, and hope to show it soon!

By Tom, Jack and Baylee.

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World Religions

In our assembly this afternoon, these 5 children were able to name different religions. We heard the story of the Loaves and Fishes.

  • Jack said ‘Jewish’ and knew the Star of David is a special symbol for Jewish people.
  • Baylee said ‘Hindu’ and knew that one of their gods was called Shiva.
  • Kayban said `Sikhism’ and knew that Sikh men wear Turbans because they believed they could not cut their hair.
  • Amy said ‘Buddhism’ worship a god called Buddha and Buddhist monks wear orange.
  • Amelia said Catholic and knew that some Christian people are Catholic and Jack added the Pope is the leader of the Catholic church.

I wonder if anyone knows any other religions, or can tell us some more about the ones we have managed?

My Wolves Kit

I play for Wolves because I got spoted at nova united. I used to play for Liverpool but it was too far to travel I have scored a lot of goals against other teams as well. I scorded on one of the picture and that was the picture that I’m putting on the blog.

by Jack

Poppy wreath

Today we are writing on the poppies for the poppy wreath.Everyone wrote on a poppy to the soldiers that are in the war, tomorrow is Remembrance Day so this is why we are writing on a poppy.

I wrote on my poppy to the soldiers

To all the soldiers, thankyou very much for being so,so brave to all of us!And also thankyou for fighting to save all of our lives.We will always remember all of you all.And I will never forget about all of you.Be very carefull.Lots of love from lily xxxxxxx


Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday two teams of Year 3/4 children played in a Tag rugby competition at Telford Rugby club. One team played against Grange Park, St George’s and Dawley C of E. They lost 4 – 3 to Grange Park but won the other 2 games. The other team played against Coalbrookdale, John Randall and Short Wood. Although they lost their first game, they drew one and won the other! We had a great time and everybody worked really well together.

Thanks to all the parents who helped and supported! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Pilgrim and the PTA for our new rugby tops!


Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated to or attended the Harvest Festival today. Year 3/4 had their service this morning. A huge well done to all the readers; you can watch a recording of one of the poems Mr Brown’s class read below!

Egyptian book 2


My sealife medal

I went to see my auntie in Bath on the 6 week holidays. We went down Weymouth  and there was a sealife center. I had to spot if the animals were a boy or a girl from the colour of their feathears. I completed it so I  got ten out of ten/ and I got a medal.