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Queen visits the Olympics

We made a animation about when the Queen visits the Olympics. We made the animation about 2 weeks ago on Monday. First we made the people out of plastercine and the other people they were made of lego. We used i can animate and when we took pictures we had to move the models slightly so it looks like they are actually walking.We used  music and voices and some effects. We all enjoyed doing the voices  also making the models and taking the pictures.

Linking hands animation

This is the second of our Olympic animations from Justin, Georgina, Nathan and Jorge. We’d love to know what you think about it!

Olympic animations


This afternoon two groups have been busy making their Olympic animations using I can animate. We added sound and titles using iMovie. Let us know what you think of the finished video!


Multiplication animation

Here is the animation that Mr Brown’s maths group have been busy making. We hope you enjoy it.

Multiplication animation

Today we have been making animation. We had to move the cubes to make arrays of our two times tables. We had lots of fun and has to say “action” when we were ready to take a picture.

By Fin and Katie

Toy animation

Year 3/4 animation from Moorfield Primary on Vimeo.

Some children used the iPad to animate their toys on the last day of term.
On toy day me Jack, Mia and Olivia made a animation with my trash packs. We started at home then they got in to the lorry. Then when all of the trash packs were in the lorry they went for a little ride. Around the place and stayed there forever. By Dayton, Jack, Mia and Olivia.