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Ella’s 100wc wk29

The MARVELLOUS CASTLE perches on a tall mountain in the beautiful kingdom of Syuyena (pronounced SY-oo-YENN-a), below it the great city of Yamooga. The CASTLE is PINK and can fly without anyone controlling it. A king and his three daughters lived inside the CASTLE. One day, the three children asked their father a question:”Pa, why do we feel funny?”

“I know! I must tell you that the CASTLE is flying!” replied the king.”EEK!” cried the children. “Look out of the window!”

“AGGHHHHHH!” shrieked the king.


Years later, another king wrote:’…And this building NOISILY FLEW away to a volcano!’

Elliot’s 100WC wk29

Once upon a time,there lived a king.He lived in a marvellous castle.One sunny morning,he decided to take a walk around his castle,when he saw on the wall, pink stripes!Noisily he ran to the nearby village to ask people who did it.Nobody confessed.As he was questioning,he could also hear loud flapping noises.Then a bird flew over.In the kingdom,they believed birds were the messengers between earth and heaven.The bird was indeed carrying a message.the king took it and began to read it…

Natalie’s 100wc wk29

The Carnival Castle

There once was a castle a carnival castle.It was full of fun and joy , a big pink popular fun castle , for ever happy family. Inside there was party’s with snacks and prizes from games , sleep overs and preparations for grand fancy things happening .This was a marvellous  famous castle . One day when party’s  had started there was a screaming bird that flew noisily ,but slowly straight past the castle. every one was scared yet the owners mr and mrs Pack calmed every one down so the party would not be herendos .The party was for mr and mrs cons wedding anniversary and their birthdays.

By Natalie

Megan’s 100wc wk29

Secret Mystery!
One marvellous,sunny morning Sophia and Rachel went to the cafe to get a cake.It had pink icing.After they they had there cake,they went to the woods.Sophia and Rachel built a little den.They always went there.It had seats and there was food.They were walking through the woods and there was a door! There was also a note.It said whoever finds this open the door,so they did.They fell through a black hole.In front of them was a castle. The birds were chirping noisily. One flew in front of them.They saw a dragon come towards them!


Jorge’s 100wc wk29

Bad Luck Boy

A boy called Toby was having a nightmare about being the unluckiest boy in the world. In the morning he had an egg for breakfast, Toby put the salt on but the lid fell off and the salt pot and all the salt fell out! Toby also loved designing ;once he made a castle out of cardboard. He also made a helicopter and it flew out of the window! To try and prove bad luck didn’t exist he and his marvellous friend Mike,but a pot of pink paint fell on top of them,the can noisily fell on the floor.Mike told Toby that, that wasn’t bad luck it was stupidity.

The End

Amy’s 100wc Wk29

Once a family had booked a holiday in Florida and everyone thought it would be marvellous. The mum and daughter had a pink suitcase and the dad and son both had a blue suitcase. The family flew over in a 5 star luxurious plane.

The family stopped in a castle that had two separate beds and one double. The family noisily partied through the night but finally they had some calm music to settle them down. At last they calmed down and were resting in their rooms (finally!) They looked out of their window and saw the beautiful night sky full of stars.

Eve’s 100wc wk29

One day Amelia was walking on the pavement when she saw a marvellous pink castle in the distance.That’s funny I’ve never seen that pink castle before she muttered to herself. So she went inside to investigate when she found out that it was magic.And the hidden powers sent her to a magic land and she met the queen of magic land .All of a sudden she heard something noisily above her head it was a unicorn and she flew on it’s back.It took her back to the familiar pavement she knew so well.Did she ever see the castle again?

Kathryn’s 100WC wk29

As Olivia and Lilly walked through their green garden gate, they accidently trod on two magical mushrooms.  Suddenly, they flew into a marvellous fairyland forest.

‘’Let’s go and explore this fantastic place’’ Lilly quoted happily. They both skipped along a pink, shiny, path which led them to a huge castle made from tasty dolly mixtures.

By the castle, there were some cute jelly teddy guards, and a bridge made from fizzy laces. All of a sudden, the cute guards turned into mean nasty bears. They started to chase the girls all the way back to their garden gate.

‘’That was close’’ the girls shouted noisily.

Kayban’s 100WC wk29

The Hedgehog
Slowly,the hedgehog crossed the road. He was unaware of the traffic whizzing past him, although he did see a marvellous pink car pass by him. At the other side of the road there was a caslte, big and beautiful. The wind blew noisily and the hedgehog was lifted into the air as if flying. A bird flew above his head. Finally the wind came to a normal pace of breeze and he [hedgehog] was carried down. He started to to dig a hole, bored as if it was his daily routine. This was a normal day for the hedgehog.

Nathan’s 100 WC wk29

One day I was walking through a forest and suddenly a  Marvellous bird flew to the ground then I found my myself sitting on it then it took of again it flew all around the world from the top of the Eifel tower to the bottem of the Grand canneon.  Eventually we came to a castle a man walked noisily up to me he was dressed in bright pink top and dark blue trousers he said we have an enemy castle we want you to go and get rid of their king, but then it all disapeard it was over.