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My Ancient Egypt stuff

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When my Nanny and Grandad went to Egypt they brought me some things that they had brought with their money and   something  from the shop.They posted it me from Egypt.I called my Nanny and Grandad on the phone to say thank you for what they got me.On the money you can see there is a sphinx on it and not a queen or king that is because nobody rules Egypt!The scroll is made out of papyrus the proper paper!

By Isabel.

Egyptian Presentation

Jorge in Y4 made this very informative presentation, with a quiz at the end!

My Lego Egypt stuff

Over the weekend I made lots of Lego models and buildings. I made a lego scofus and a lego man and mummy. And a model of the great pyramid of geasa. A black stud is a scarab beatel. By Ben p.s I wrote this on mister brown iPad2.

Dayton’s pyramids

These are my pyramid’s what I made at home. I got some cardboard and I panted it in a gold colour.

my pyramid Jac

Well year 3/4 went to the birmingham museum and art gallery because we were learning about acient Egyptian. And this is what i learnt they use to put natron salts on the body 40 days now that is along time  but not for the egyptians they thought that they would rot but they did,t.These are the things i bought a Tutankhamuns face and a pyramid  with hiroglificks on it.

BY Jack

Olivia’s pictures.

When my Mum was at school she went on a school trip to Egypt and when she was at Egypt, she took some photows of the pyramids.  She went to the shops and she bort a necles and it had the Queen of Egyt on the necles and the Queen of Egypt was called Nefertiti.

By Olivia.