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My gymnastics trophy

On Tuesday night I won a trophy for the best gymast and gymnast of the week for hard efert.I won the trophy in lileshall for doing splits,handstand tramploine for the trophy.

By jake.

Skipping festival

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A squad of Moorfield pupils participated in a skipping festival at Madeley Sports Centre this week. The team were taught several new tricks, which they performed at the end of the event. The breath-taking tricks were also shown and celebrated in Friday’s assembly.

Poppy wreath

Today we are writing on the poppies for the poppy wreath.Everyone wrote on a poppy to the soldiers that are in the war, tomorrow is Remembrance Day so this is why we are writing on a poppy.

I wrote on my poppy to the soldiers

To all the soldiers, thankyou very much for being so,so brave to all of us!And also thankyou for fighting to save all of our lives.We will always remember all of you all.And I will never forget about all of you.Be very carefull.Lots of love from lily xxxxxxx


Jake’s trophy

One day me and my mom went to a competition for Gymnastics and I won a trophy. I came first over all in the finals in the Isle of Man with my friend called Jack and he had a meadal . in the madeal ther  was 3 legs in the medal  was the simball of Isle of Man.



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Yesterday year 3/4 made a time line out of a skipping rope.We had to put Bc and Ad in order on the rope. Bc went first and Ad went last on the rope. Ancient Egyptians were oldest people on our timeline.

By Jacob and Georgina