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Egyptian Presentation

Jorge in Y4 made this very informative presentation, with a quiz at the end!

Egyptian excavation

Base 3 have been carrying on with our archaeolgical dig! Excavating carefully, we have managed to uncover some more of the artefact…

What do you think it might be?

facts about mummies

My mum  bought this book from egypt  about two weeks ago.In this book  it said “A bog body of a man was found in north west england in 1984 and lindow man died when he was about 20 years old!    

by Alfie

Base 3 archaeological dig

On Friday, Mr Brown’s class began to excavate this block to see what Egyptian treasure was inside! After everybody had scratched away some of the surface, we began to see something. What do you think it could be…..

My jumbo pencil

Year 3/4 whent to Birmgham museum and whent to the shop and brought some things and I brought a jumbo pencil and it had a Egyptian god on it and its name is Nefertiti.


my pyramid Jac

Well year 3/4 went to the birmingham museum and art gallery because we were learning about acient Egyptian. And this is what i learnt they use to put natron salts on the body 40 days now that is along time  but not for the egyptians they thought that they would rot but they did,t.These are the things i bought a Tutankhamuns face and a pyramid  with hiroglificks on it.

BY Jack


This is a picture of tutankhamun’s tomb.(it’s the death mask) tutankhamun is really good to learn about because he was the youngest pharoah when he died. he was only about 20 hope you learn more.

 by Alfie

Daytons Tutankhamuns

I brout these from the art gallery the person in the scofacos is tutankhamun.The writing on the scoacos is hierogliphics what the Egyptians write in. The death mask   of Tutankham when he is dead.        By Dayton.

What i Brout from the Birmingham Museum.

When I went to the Birmingham Museum I brout a card of hieroglyphics. Now I know what all the letters are in hieroglyphics, and I wish that I could go to the Birmingham Museum again.

By Olivia.

Making a mummy

I was wrapping up a mummies leg with linen  bandages and you can not let any air in and it was fun.

By Mia