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Titanic book

A few days ago I made an Titanic book .It took 3 days to write it .My dad helped me make it .The idea of making the book was from the 100 anniversary. Did you know that the captain of the Titanic was captain Smith from Stoke? Did you also know that the company who made the Titanic was the White Star? Do you know any other facts about Titanic?


Faster,higher ,stronger

In ict bace 5 made a Olympic fact file all about sports you will find in the olympics Like bmxing.


My olympic work

On sunday i did some rearch at home about the olympic . The olympic rings repastion five counties are Amercia ,Europe ,Asia,Afrcia,Australia it appers once in each flag.The first olympic games started in 776 b.c there are 26 games in the olympics. In 776 any women was married were not allowed to enter or watch the olympic games. The olympic games would start on the 12th of july to the 27 th of august .205 nations will be taking part in the olympics games . Olympics games were celbrated as a religious festaval from 776 b.c until 398 . The torch starts in greece . The maskot is wenlock.If the fire burns out the olympic games will not go as planned .

By Amelia

What is your favourite pizza topping?

We are making pizzas this week and would love to know what you like on top of the base, tomato and cheese!