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My polar bear adoption

On Monday night my mum went on a website called go wild and adopted a polar bear.So now me and my class have to pay to feed the polar bear,and Iget an exclusive drawstring backpack,your collectable wristband,fascinating explorer’s guide,cool competitions,puzzles and games,lots of fantastic animal stickers,unique membership key ring and six great magazines a year. I bought this in because we are learning about polar bears. On Sunday night I got all my prizes for adopting a polar bear. I didn’t know I would get a teddy bear but I did so I’m making a guess the name contest and i’ve made a journal and whoever win’s the guess the name contest will have the polar bear for the weekend.And they will write down in the journal what they did in the weekend with the polar bear and then they will bring the teddy bear back and we will do another guess the name.A and for the other prizes I got I am doing a quiz for other people to win them FOREVER.  by     Alfie

My Trophy

On Sunday I went to a rugby match and I got 52 tags in 2 matches.So I got under 8’s top tagger of the week with my fandabidoze team.We were against Wolverhampton and we won 12-9 the 2nd best team in the county.so I brought this into school and showed it to the classes.

By Alfie M

Skipping festival

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A squad of Moorfield pupils participated in a skipping festival at Madeley Sports Centre this week. The team were taught several new tricks, which they performed at the end of the event. The breath-taking tricks were also shown and celebrated in Friday’s assembly.

Narnia book

My mum bought this in 1986 with her mum.I brought this book in because in literacy we are doing in Narnia we’re reading the lion the witch and the wardrobe I’m on chapter five. on sunday I went to Belfast to have a reading competition you had to read 800 pages (I only read 677 pages). I came 1st  I only got 2 certificates 1 medal and 1 trophy. In that competition i read that Narnia book.My mum got this book 25 years ago.

By Alfie

Moorfield 1 – Shortwoods 0

Congratulations to the Year 3/4 football team, who played their first match last night. They played Shortwoods in Wellington and beat them by a single goal. Congratulations to Jack, who scored the goal, and all of the team who played together really well. Keep it up!

Thanks to Mr Shelley and all of those who came to watch and helped with transport.

facts about mummies

My mum  bought this book from egypt  about two weeks ago.In this book  it said “A bog body of a man was found in north west england in 1984 and lindow man died when he was about 20 years old!    

by Alfie

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday two teams of Year 3/4 children played in a Tag rugby competition at Telford Rugby club. One team played against Grange Park, St George’s and Dawley C of E. They lost 4 – 3 to Grange Park but won the other 2 games. The other team played against Coalbrookdale, John Randall and Short Wood. Although they lost their first game, they drew one and won the other! We had a great time and everybody worked really well together.

Thanks to all the parents who helped and supported! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Pilgrim and the PTA for our new rugby tops!


Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated to or attended the Harvest Festival today. Year 3/4 had their service this morning. A huge well done to all the readers; you can watch a recording of one of the poems Mr Brown’s class read below!


This is a picture of tutankhamun’s tomb.(it’s the death mask) tutankhamun is really good to learn about because he was the youngest pharoah when he died. he was only about 20 hope you learn more.

 by Alfie

Egyptian book 2