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Body Fact or Body Fiction?

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On Monday 21st of May Base 3 did science to see if your foot was the same length as your forearm. Your foot was the same length as your fist. Your nose was the same length as your ear and your height was the same lengthas your wingspan. Mostly everyone found out it was fiction for all experiments.Unforntunately some groups didn’t finish.):
Still everyone had a fandabydosey afternoon.
By Megan and Jorge
Moorfield primary school

What happens to my body when I exercise?

We wanted to know what happens when we exercise .we went into the courtyard and did different exercise activities .i liked skipping best.we found out our bodies were warm ,and sweaty. By Rebecca.

May the force be with you

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Today we had a fantastic science lesson about forces and friction. We had lots of fun and came up with some fantastic questions!

Science solids and stuff

We have been collecting stuff for our Science topic,which is solids and liquids.Some things are shredded paper,tomato soup and even a potato! They all move in  different ways.

My Tarmac

In Science we are doing about liquids and solids and my uncle(Andrew) gave me some Tarmac to bring into school. My uncle works at a building site so it was quit easy to get some Tarmac. My uncle works on a digger and on a roller. When my uncle gave me the Tarmac it was fresh, it was freshly made.
by Justine R

Solids and Liquids

This afternoon, Mr Brown’s class have been looking at different liquids and solids. We have been trying to think of questions to research and investigate.

One of the most interesting was “Is toothpaste a liquid or a solid?” – What do you think?

My science work

We were using macbooks to take picturse of people who had things to show.This is me.I did some science with Harry, I asked Harry if we could do science so it could go on the blog and to make our teacher outstanded with us.By Michael

Keeping warm


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Mr Brown’s class started to learn about how to keep warm today.

We began by thinking of all of the different ways of keeping warm and then put on our coats to go outside. Before we did we thought about which coats looked the warmest!

We tried to keep warm the same way that penguins do – by huddling together! Two people without coats went into the middle and we huddled around them.

When we got back inside we thought of 3 scientific questions to ask about keeping milk cold. One to test (investigate), one to research and a silly one! Can you work out which question is which?

How do cows make milk?

What would happen if you keep your milk in a sock?

What happens to milk if we keep it under a lamp?

How do they keep milk cold in tankers?


Have you seen your shadow recently??? I saw mine the other day and i’m sure that it got bigger through out the day! I challenged my class to try as hide as many people as they could in their shadow – we managed to hide 5 people. Why not have a go at playing shadow tig or hiding people in your shadow while the sun is out today!!

Fun with shadows

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As it was such a lovely sunny day today, both Mr Brown and Mrs Wiser’s classes went outside to measure their shadows! Lots of fun – all 3 classes are going tomorrow to measure them in the morning.

What did we find out about shadows by drawing around them?