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Maths projects

This week my maths class have presented our maths projects. They ranged from redesigning an Olympic city to making Olympic t shirts. We have decided to do a mini enterprise project next week using the ideas presented by the pizza parlour group. We will be making and selling pizza to the rest of the school sometime next week. Yum I can’t wait.



Measuring our wingspan

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Mr Brown’s Maths group have been drawing carefully around their bodies to measure their ‘wingspan’ and heights. Michael Phelps has an unusually long wingspan, which people think helps make him swim faster!

Measuring Metres

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Mr Brown’s maths group have been practising their measuring skills. We used the metre sticks to measure objects all around the school, we had to estimate first though!

How many MMs make one centimetre?
How many CMs make 1 metre?
How many Ms make 1 kilometre?

There are some online measuring activities here.

Multiplication animation

Here is the animation that Mr Brown’s maths group have been busy making. We hope you enjoy it.

Multiplication animation

Today we have been making animation. We had to move the cubes to make arrays of our two times tables. We had lots of fun and has to say “action” when we were ready to take a picture.

By Fin and Katie

Fantastic fractions


Today we have been finding fractions of a collection. I wonder if anyone can tell me what these 2 fractions have in common?


Target time!

Today we have been talking about our targets in Maths, once we decided what they should be we made these videos to show other people how to split (or partition) numbers too. This video is by Jodie.

Nets of cubes

here I am trying to make a cube. I needed to find out which of the nets were right. This was worked.


Today we were learning about 3d shape and some of the shape we know are cube cuboid sphere cylinder cone trianglar prism square pyramied trangbasd pyramied

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By Sophie and Molly.

Mr Browns maths group game.

On Friday Mr Browns maths group played a game called eggs on legs on the ipad to learn their times tables on the ipad.

There was also another game we played with cubes you had to roll a dice. You had bild towers with the game so you had to get a dice and roll it. So if I got a 1 so I would have 1 tower and if I rolled a 5 each tower would have 5 in it. 1 x 5 = 5

by Jacob & Billy C