The light house by Isobel

Once upon a time there was a light house on a cliff  by a town. The light house keeper was a old grumpy man. he wore a navy blue jacket and hat with a white shirt.

One day some people were cheering as the bright, shining light flew over the dark, gloomy town. The light house keeper shut the window so he didn’t have to listen to to the people cheering.  When suddenly there was a loud noise and the light house light went out! Every body was confused the light house keeper went to see what was going on.

He walked up hundreds and hundreds of spiral stairs to see what was going on.He shone his lantern at the cogs to see if any thing was wrong with them.They had stopped the light house keeper walked up some more steps and picked up his tool bag he had a look at the inside the light bulb but there wasn’t even a spark of light!

The light house keeper picked up the light bulb but his tool bag was behind him and he tripped breaking the bulb! Worried, distressed, concerned the light house keeper got up and looked out the window seeing a boat. The man ran down stairs to tell the people in town but…

It was a miracle The town people had come to help him!  The light house keeper  lead the town people to the top of the  light house with there lanterns making a huge light making the people on the boat turn the boat around.

2 responses to “The light house by Isobel

  1. Well done Isobel! your story was brilliant! 🙂

  2. thanks for commenting (-: