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Brand New Blog

As we have a brand new year and a brand new Year 3/4, they have a brand new blog!

You can find it at

I hope you have as much fun making it as we did this year! See if you can get more than 37,000 hits!

The Lighthouse

Alfie and Will made this brilliant video of their version of ‘The Lighthouse’ animation in our Literacy lessons.

My cricket certificate and medal

On the 8th July I played cricket for St.Georges because they needed a extra player in their team.The first match we won by 2 wicket’s. I took one wicket.When i got a wicket in the first match it was a diving catch.

In the second match my team that i was playing for was losing against the cricket team whem.We were losing by 3 wickets.I came into to bowl and i got 3 wickets out of 4.We did four bowls because if we did six bowls not every body would get a bowl.

When i was’nt batting i went wicket keeper. The only time when i wasnt wicket keeper was when i went to bowl.

When i batted in 1 over i hit two 4s and 1 six.

20120718-072858.jpgBy Megan Trickett

Summer Concert!!

Yesturday night I went to Burton Borough school and did a concert. From Moorfield there was only me Alyssa and Alexander and some other children and everybody else was in Burton Borough. My group was called the Junior wind band. It was conducted by Alison Ruston. I go there every Tuesday and we have to work very hard. It started at 7pm and finished at 10:30pm. There was 12 groups and some children were singing solo. There was also awards whitch were Primary School Player of the year, Juinor Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, Players Player of the Year, Outstanding Musician of the year and Outstanding Band Section. Everybody really enjoyed it lots. It was so much fun.

By Kathryn.

My karate belt

I have got my green and white belt. There are six more belts until I am a black belt. I enjoy karate more than I used to and I also go more. There are lessons on Tusedays, Fridays and Sundays. I had to do a really hard katere it is called he an yondan dan. That means peaceful mind level four. My next katere is called he an go dan. That  katere is not that hard but the basics are very hard. When you get to black you get dans you start off on dan one then dan two and so on.

The Surprise birthday party play.

We wrote a play about Rebecca Addlington. She did not have time to have a party so her Olympic friends Wenlock and Mandeville invite some special guests.

The special guests were BethTweedle, Imogen, Lewis Smith, Wayne Rooney,Stephen Gerrard, Liam Phillips and of course the birthday girl Rebecca Adlington. We wrote the play ourselves and then we showed it to the class.



My comic.

The comic I made is about a girl that gets a parcel one day.I made it on comic life and then I drew the pictures.I found out that you can change the colour of the boxes and bubbles. I liked putting the fonts on.But I found drawing the pictures hard and finding the right story.It was fun making my comic I liked it a lot.

By Isabel.

Ella’s Olympic city


I made a power point presentation about my Olympic city that I designed. I used division, addition, estimation and a calculator to calculate the perimeter, area,etc. I made a LEGO model of the Equestrian areas to show what they look like. I put a horse inside the model to see how much space there is inside!

My polar bear picture.


This is my polar bear picture that I got from Wales about 2 weeks ago. It is a 3d polar bear picture. The picture is of a polar bear and his cub. I got it from Aberystwyth for £5. When I stick it on the wall it looks like it is alive on the wall. There were different pictures like a wale or a parrot but I chose a polar bear. By Hannah.

The Moorfield rap

My name is Ben and i’m here today,

To tell you were I spend my day,

Moorfield School is where we go,

So listen up as up as my rap start to flow,

Learning maths English science too,

The teachers here are a hardcore crew,

We have Mr Brown the IT man,

Mrs Wiser’s cooler than a ice cream van,

Mrs Sutton won’t take no massing,

All of them teaching us real hard lessons,

Life at Moorfield is loads of fun,

Because after the lesson we go out side and and run,

So watch yourself, cos 1+1=2,

And your massing with the Moorfield rapping crew!!!!

by Ben 🙂