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Brand New Blog

As we have a brand new year and a brand new Year 3/4, they have a brand new blog!

You can find it at

I hope you have as much fun making it as we did this year! See if you can get more than 37,000 hits!

Year 4 meet olympic gymnasts!

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Our lucky year 4s got to meet the Women British Gymnastics squad at Lilleshall thanks to our friends at British Gymnastics.

The Lighthouse

Alfie and Will made this brilliant video of their version of ‘The Lighthouse’ animation in our Literacy lessons.

Finding Olympic venues

This morning Mr Brown’s Maths group have been using grid references to find Olympic venues and London landmarks on a map. Great fun!


Making computer games with Kodu

Mr Brown’s class have been learning how to make computer games using Kodu. It is very easy to use, great fun and free! Click the link to download it, but make sure you check with someone at home first. You can also get it for the Xbox 360, but you have to pay.

Download Kodu here

The Lighthouse by Natalie

The Lighthouse
One day many years back , there was a light house.In there lived an old , bad tempered man called grumpy Gary.out in the village lived party people cheering when the light came round.The pircing , load villigers cheered which annoyedthe sulky , elderly man.This lighthouse was coloured stone grey.It awas toweringly
tall on the eddge of a tough , rocky cliff.

sudenly . . . there was a big BANG , the light had gone out.Stressed , troubled , concerned , Gary wondered what to do. He ran up the spiral staires to check the light , but he picked the light up and he tripped over the tool box , the light had smashed . . .

A boat came , waht could he do ? Gary ran down the staires and opened the door , the villagers had brought all there lightes to guide the boat away. The boat had gone and the villagers helped saved the day.
The End

Moth eggs

This is a pregnant Moth who is laying her eggs ,she is sat on top of them protecting her eggs .Everyone is very excited

The Lighthouse Storyboards


Mr Brown’s Literacy group have been really busy making these comic book storyboards based on an animation called ‘The Lighthouse’, we used Comic Life to make them.

Flipsnack only displays the first 3 on our website, there are 8 fantastic storyboards here.

Many thanks to Mr Smith at the Literacy Shed for the inspiration.

Moorfield School and the Olympic Torch

This is the video British Gymnastics made starring Moorfield Primary on the Olympic Torch day.

Bird’s the word

Today I had finished my spellings quite fast so I whent on Mr Browns iPhone. I played a game called Bird’s the word.The aim of the game is to make words from a bundle of letters.I got through the first level but I didn’t have time to do the second level.It helped me think of different words to put in sentence’s.I enjoyed the game very much and it was a very great game.

By Amy.