My version of “The Lighthouse” by Baylee-Rose!

The Lighthouse!

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse. It was a very dull lighthouse which was a dark shade of grey, but the dazzling light that came of it was just amazing, and it was set on a cliff not so far away from a little town. Underneath the cliff was lots of pointy rocks.

Just over the cliff the small village stood and all you could see was oil lamps. You could just about make out the thin, wispy clouds in the dim, gloomy sky. All you could hear was the cheering of the people in the pub. They were having a party!!

In the lighthouse was the lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse keeper was grumbly and always moody. The old man was putting his hands over his ears, because the people in the town were cheering as the light when past.

“Oh,” he moaned as he shut the window, blocking out the sound. He went straight back to his writing. He was trying to finish when… BANG, BOOM, RUMBLE!! The window flew open blowing out the light. The man had a face full of fear. Towering above the sea,the lighthouse suddenly stopped spinning.

The old man ran up the stairs. He stopped to see that the cogs were broken. The old man fetched his tool box and went to the lightbulb, but the light was dimming by the second.

The old man dropped his toolbox to get a better look, unfortunately he tripped on his tool box and knocked one the lightbulb case smashing it to pieces. The man looked as worried as a little girl running a way from a bear.He thought to himself, what am I going to do.

The old man was so worried and scared that his last hope was the villagers. He pulled open the door and stopped to see that they all had lanterns. The old man led all the people onto the cliff and told them to shine the lanterns. They all guided the ship to safety. The man smiled … for once!

by Baylee-Rose

One response to “My version of “The Lighthouse” by Baylee-Rose!

  1. Some great description Baylee – ‘the light dimming by the second’ helps to build tension. I like the way you have used ellipsis as well.